Kaamna Weekly Update: Vaibhav and Akanksha troubled Manav.

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Sony TV’s popular show Kaamna currently focuses on Manav struggling to handle and business without Sakshi’s support.

In the previous week we have witnessed, Sakshi told Yadhu that she can stay at a place where she don’t have an identity of her own and assured him that they can meet at school. Yadhu didn’t let Sakshi to leave but Manav controlled him. Sakshi told Yadhu before leaving but Yadhu told he hated her. Sakshi wished Manav would stop her but he didn’t. She left with Malti and Akanksha watched it happily. She called Vaibhav and informed it to him who was equally happy. Akanksha went home and they both enjoyed Sakshi’s departure from Manav’s House. They mocked Sakshi and Manav. Vaibhav revealed about his plan of Mrs. Bajpayee which resulted in Sakshi’s exit. They both planned to to make use of of the opportunity to lure. Yadhu. Sakshi listened to Malti and wanted to move on life. Both Ayesha and Yadhu were equally upset with Manav. Akanksha called Manav as she wanted to meet Yadhu on mother’s day in his presence. Manav thought about Yadhu’s current mind state and informed Akanksha that he would say after giving it a thought. Yadhu and Sakshi missed each other. Yadhu and Sakshi missed each other but controlled themselves up for good. Yadhu left for school and met with Sakshi but treated her as only his school teacher. Manav got up late and missed Yadhu’s orientation. He couldn’t come to school due to his meeting and called Principal as Sakshi’s phone was switched off. Principal was disappointed with Manav and also told that Sakshi doesn’t want to get personally involved with any student shocking Manav. Holkar told Manav about Holkar Industries papers with Vaibhav and if they got hold of it they could do some investment. They wondered how to retrieve it. Babli sent the video of Vaibhav and Meera’s fight to Manav. Manav decided to make use of the situation. He met with Meera and they joined hands against Vaibhav. Manav hired Meera in the legal team and they both have a summon to Vaibhav asking him to surrender Holkar industry files. Vaibhav pretended like he had none when they asked him to sign the acknowledgement where he could never use any of Holkar Industries legal papers against them as he claimed to not have it. Vaibhav got shocked. Vaibhav in order to escape signing the acknowledgement asked for time to double check that he had bo files with him. Meera handed over him another notice which read that he must give any official files he had with in three days else it would get invalid. Manav sent ice cream for Yadhu but Yadhu didn’t have it. Sakshi too missed Yadhu. Neha was spying on the company to update to Vaibhav. Manav brought Meera to office but he struggled to get his mind off Yadhu. Vaibhav asked Akanksha to pressurise Manav personally while he would trouble him professionally. They both planner to make him run away from competing. Akanksha agreed for the same. Akanksha troubled Manav with her crying in his office and created a drama to disturb him. Manav tried cheering up Yadhu but he too taunted him for not having time for him. He got even more angry with Meera’s visit to the house.

Manav tried making Yadhu underside that Meera is not bad anymore but Yadhu refused to listen ti him. He accused Manav for sending Sakshi to bring all the wrong people home. Meera herself left understanding the situation. Next day, Manav tried making up with Yadhu but Yadhu still revolted against him. Manav called Sakshi for her help and Malti picked the call. She requested him to not disturb Sakshi further and also asked him to convince her for another marriage. Manav couldn’t concentrate in office work. At school, Yadhu broke Sakshi’s window in frustration and Ayesha informed it to Manav. Principal was about to suspend but Sakshi pleaded her not to. Manav visited Sakshi who advised him to find some caretaker and keep Yadhu’s grandmother at home so that he doesn’t feel lonely. Manav angrily ashed her to move on in life and rudely replied that he could take care of Yadhu. Akanksha came to meet Yadhu as per Manav’s saying while Neha summoned a meeting for him at the same time on Vaibhav’s saying. Manav requested Yadhu to meet with Akanksha without his presence but Yadhu refused. Akanksha kept calling and interrupting Manav’s investors meeting. She soon barged in to the meeting and confronted Manav. The investors got angry and dropped the deal upsetting Manav and Holkar. It was all combined plan of Akanksha and Vaibhav to spoil Manav’s meeting. Akanksha left her pictures for Yadhu but Yadhu tore them off and lightened it.

In the future episodes we will witness, Yadhu will get stuck in smoke and will get locked inside. Servants will pass the message to Manav and he will rush to save Yadhu.

Will Akanksha and Vaibhav succeed in their plan ? Will Sakshi and Manav get married? Will Akanksha once again trouble Manav?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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