Kaamnaa 10th May 2022 Written Update: Manav joins hands with Meera.

Kaamnaa 10th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Yadhu and Sakshi getting ready for school. They both miss each other. Malti reminds Sakshi that she must concentrate on her life and forget Yadhu as he’s not Parth. Manav wakes up and realizes that he was late. He asks servants about it who says they Yadhu left and they got him ready. Manav scolds him saying that it’s new academic year for Yadhu and he needs to attend the orientation. He messages Sakshi but Sakshi switches off her phone. Sakshi dreams of Yadhu in school. Sakshi sees Yadhu but Yadhu treated her in differently.

Sashi also did the same. Manav is on his way when he gets office call asking him to attend a meeting. He then Principal’s call who complaints about orientation got over. She’s disappointed with his behaviour and Manav asks Sakshi ti help Yadhu. Principal says that Sakshi already made it clear that she don’t want to be involved with any student more than a teacher. Manav gets shocked hearing it. Ayesha tries comforting Yadhu but Yadhu shows his disinterest and leaves.

Sakshi sees Yadhu leaving hiding and is in pain. Ayesha comes to Sakshi and says that she shouldn’t have left Yadhu’s house after the small fight. Sakshi asks if she has something important to say about studies. Ayesha asks if she doesn’t want to speak about Yadhu. Sakshi says she doesn’t want to know about anything other than her professional limit. Ayesha is outraged and says that she’s disappointed with her and leaves upset. Manav comes to his office while Vaibhav makes a plan. Manav meets with Mr. Holkar who says about some important papers by Niharika which is now possessed by Vaibhav. He says that they could invest in the market if they have that papers and Manav gets into thinking. Manav gets Babli’s video message where she sent the video of Vaibhav and Meera fighting and gets into thinking. He asks Mr. Holkar that who’s handling all the legal issues of Kapoor industries.

Manav visits Meera and asks if she’s upset seeing his rival. Meera says that in her current position she would respect anyone who hates Vaibhav even a bit and Manav asks what happened. Meera says that something happened which made her against Vaibhav. She says that he’s a sincere person and she’s proud that she was defeated by him. Manav says that he’s there for a proposal and Meera is more than glad to accept it. Manav says about Niharika’s property with Vaibhav and that after 6 months her death would be acknowledged. Meera understands that they want to stop Vaibhav from taking over Niharika’s properties.

Meera agrees to join Manav against Vaibhav. Vaibhav is discussing with his team members about the drop in sales. Meera and Manav enters the cabin and Manav introduces Meera as the legal advisor for Holkar industries. He demands Holkar documents from Vaibhav but Vaibhav lies that he had none. He calls Rane to say the same. Meera gives another papers to him where Vaibhav must sign it which states that as Vaibhav claims that he has no papers related to Holkar industries he can never use any legal papers of Holkar industries as a witness in court in future shocking Vaibhav.

Precap : Yadhu will show cold shoulders to Manav. Vaibhav will say Akanksha about his business war with Manav. Akanksha will agree to hell him against Manav.

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