Kaamnaa 11th May 2022 Written Update: Vaibhav pressurises Manav.

Kaamnaa 11th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Vaibhav saying that he is not sure that whether he holds any files and needs time to confirm it. Meera says that they came with full plan and shows him another papers which states that if he doesn’t confirm that he doesn’t have any official papers related to Holkar with them then it may go invalid. Vaibhav is studying the files when servant calls Manav. He says about Yadhu coming back from school. Manav asks him to deliver the packages he sent to Yadhu. He comes back while Meera leaves taunting Vaibhav. Servant brings the package for Yadhu and Yadhu gets happy seeing ice cream. He’s about to have it when he recalls happy times with Sakshi. He doesn’t take the ice cream. Malti gives Kheer to Sakshi and she too recalls her moment with Yadhu.

Vaibhav pretends like Manav is fighting a war against him and asks Akanksha to help him out of it. He asks her to torture him personally while he would pressurise him professionally. He says that they would easily defeat him and she can have Yadhu. Akanksha hesitates at first but later agrees for Yadhu. She agrees to ruin Manav completely. Vaibhav asked Neha to update each and every details that happens in the company and she agrees to update. Manav and Meera comes there and Manav asks Neha to whom she’s speaking e. Neha makes up some excuse and Manav takes Meera in.

Yadhu is angrily playing with a ball recalling whatever happened at school. He misses Sakshi and is upset with her behaviour at school. He cries for the same. Meera says that they can’t wait for three days as Vaibhav can take advantage of it. Manav recalls Yadhu’s words. Holkar comes there and welcomes Meera to their sise. He says Manav that Yadhu’s fees will be covered by company as he’s now the CEO. Manav takes excuse from Meera and goes with Holkar. Holkar warns him that Meera was loyal to Vaibhav till yesterday and alerts him for he could get caught in another game play of Vaibhav. Manav is sure that he’s going the right way. Meera says Manav that he might be stressed due to Yadhu but asks him to not let it affect his mental peace. Akanksha comes there crying and acts like she’s missing her son. Both Manav and Meera were fed up of her acting. He sends her out to wait for him to discuss. Neha calls Vaibhav and updates about Manav stressed between personal and professional life. Vaibhav soon wants it to be changed to depression. Akanksha also calls him and says about meeting Yadhu the next day in the evening.

Malti has marked few jobs for Sakshi and asks her to try some new job. She says she can understand her pain of avoiding Yadhu being in the same place. She says about finding a prospective groom for her and Sakshi gets upset with her for not understanding her. Malti leaves while Sakshi breaks down. Manav tries cheering up Yadhu but Yadhu taunts him. He asks him to change his school and Manav asks the reason for it. He again taunts Manav. Manav agrees to play with him after completing his meeting.

Yadhu gets happy and agrees. Meera vines comes there and Yadhu gets angry seeing her. Yadhu recalls her to be the one who argued on behalf of Akanksha in court and runs away. Meera hesitates saying that she was passing by near and thought to stop by for meeting. Manav makes her sit and goes to Yadhu. He asks what happened to him for which Yadhu recalls her to be the one who tried separating them. He asks what is he doing with such people and asks if he sent away Sakshi to bring home the wrong people.

Precap : Manav will decide to talk to Sakshi after seeing Yadhu’s anger on him. He will call her while Malti will pick up the call. Sakshi will say yes for her second marriage.

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