Kaamnaa 1st June 2022 Written Update: Yadhu challenges Akanksha.

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The episode starts with Uma telling her 3 wishes to god. She threatens Bhoola to give her 15 k. She sees Katha leaving in scooty. That time Bhoola leaves in his tempo. Uma sees the window. She goes to her second daughter Manyata and complaints to her that Katha didn’t stay at home to meet the groom’s family. Manyata says Katha likes to help people and no one can stop her. Katha takes Pihu with her. Ladies discuss Ngo Katha is going to help someone. At the temple, Katha searches for Pihu’s Mom. Pihu tells she couldn’t find her mom in eyes of Mom. Katha realises Jyoti is planning to suicide leaving Pihu near their Ngo. Katha sees Jyothi jumping in the river. Everyone worries. Katha jumps into the water to save her. People think it’s a risky river and no one can come once they are stuck in plants, seems like the second girl doesn’t care for her life. Katha saves Jyothi and brings her out. Everyone claps for Katha.

At the temple, Katha tells Pihu that she fulfilled her promise by making her meet her mom. She sends out Pihu to play. She asks Jyoti why she tried to kill herself. Jyoti says her baby is out of marriage and Mukesh married another girl leaving me that’s why I planned to commit suicide as I don’t want anyone to call my daughter illegitimate. Katha says Pihu is enough for you to live and asks who’s that guy. Jyoti shows her Mukesh photo. Katha takes a photo of him then she notices her Mom’s missed calls and leaves from there. Katha sends Mukesh’s photo to the inspector. Inspector tells her she will teach him a lesson. Katha sees the Bakery shop and thinks to take their refund amount. Uma sees video of Katha on Manu’s phone. She says why Katha risks her life for others. Katha enters with the head office number of queen bakers to get their refund. Uma denies calling and goes to get ready.

Kabir bakes the cake. Employees praise his simplicity. Kabir goes to attend the call. Katha tells him that they didn’t get the refund amount from them for the stale cakes they sent. Kabir says they have good food control and it won’t happen in their firm. Katha says it happened and asks him to send the 15k. Both enjoy the sunshine at the same time. Kabir asks her to send her bank details telling her he will refund the money. Katha tells him her opinion on him will change once she gets the refund.

Katha and Manyata go to attend their sister’s wedding. Uma meets the groom’s family and tells them about Katha. Groom’s mother asks why didn’t they marry Katha till now. Chacha tells Katha is worried thinking her mother will be alone that’s why she delayed it. Pallavi agrees to Katha alliance. Katha readies her cousin. Manyata tells her Mom is calling her and seems like Jitesh liked her.

Jiju asks Kabir why he refunds money to that girl without inquiry. Kabir tells there is honesty in her voice so get to know why our Naininthal branch did this mistake. Masa comes there and blesses him. She asks him to make her meet her daughter in law soon. He asks who will accept him with Sautan I.e bakery. She tells him she will find it. Pallavi meets Katha. She likes her. They ask Jitesh to talk with Katha. They go aside to talk. She leaves when Manu calls saying it’s time for their performance. They dance happily. Pandit informs Uma and Pallavi that horoscope matching is perfect. Manu tells Katha that her marriage is almost fixed.

Kabir’s mother distributes food to poor people. Baba comes there. She takes him inside and asks when Kabir gets married. Baba tells Kabir Katha will start at Nainital Sangam and asks her to take him there. She agrees. Katha and her family goes to welcome the groom of Neeti. Manyata asks him to remove his Sehra. He removes it. Katha gets shocked seeing Mukesh is the groom who cheated on Jyoti. Everyone asks her to apply tilak to him. Katha leaves giving thali to Manu. Manu welcomes the groom. Katha thinks to save Neeti’s life by exposing Mukesh.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pallavi cancels the alliance of her son with Katha. Kabir sees Katha in the Nainital temple. Later he saves her.

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