Kaamnaa 21st June 2022 Written Update: Swati in a dilemma.

Kaamnaa 21st June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Niharika announcing that Vaibhav will work in this office with them. Manav immediately disapproves her decision but Niharika says that she knows to teach lesson to someone like him. He says she can’t let him die in jail without getting punished. Vaibhav asks then to let him get punished and apologize genuinely. Holkar says one can make mistake in life but if they keep doing it then it can become a habit. He says that it has become her habit to get cheated and leaves disappointed.

 Swati is resting when Akanksha pretends like praying with burning lamp on her hand. Swati asks what’s she doing and immediately removes the lamp from her hand. Akanksha falls on her feet and pleads her to have her Yadhu back. She wants to go back to Manav’s life with her. Swati stands helpless. Niharika recalls putting up the act upon knowing Swati has come home.

Niharika asks Manav to understand that she brought Vaibhav only torture to compensate for all the pain she has gone through. She pleads him to trust her decision and Manav agrees half heartedly. Niharika comes out and asks Vaibhav to bring her coffee. She also said asks everyone in the office to give all their works to Vaibhav from making coffee to their smallest needs.

Vaibhav controls himself. He brings coffee for Sakshi and tries to provoke her against Niharika. He says that Niharika is using Manav but Sakshi shut him. Babli gets angry seeing Niharika enjoying and pretends like she’s unwell. Swati asks Akanksha to complete the works and Akanksha complies grudging.

Niharika asks Vaibhav to bring her shoes and also asks him to make her wear it. She wants to hurt his self respect. Manav thinks that he can’t be broken just like that and decides ti get his revenge on Niharika and Manav. Akanksha is ironing the clothes while Babli mocks her. Akanksha pretends getting hurt but Swati doesn’t mind. Seating comes home to meet with Yadhu. Yadhu happily greets her and Swati praises the house.

Yadhu says that still it feels incomplete. Swati thinks whether Yadhu misses Akanksha. Malti comes there and Yadhu introduces them to each other. Malti expresses her disappointment on Akanksha. Yadhu asks Swati to convince Manav for second marriage and says he even decided the match for him. Swati agrees and feels that Akanksha missed a gem like Manav.

Sakshi comes to Manav’s cabin and Manav finds her tensed. He asks what’s the issue and asks if Vaibhav troubled her. Sakshi says no and says that she feels that the office doesn’t seem to have any co ordination. Now that Holkar has also quit, she feels that the office is more into people’s revenge over work.

Manav agrees with her and is equally dissatisfied with Niharika’s decision. He says that he’s there with Niharika for the same as she’s more into revenge while he need to guide her. Niharika calls Manav and Manav puts it on speaker. Niharika says that she’s not satisfied with Sakshi’s recruitment list and asks if they did wrong by hiring her. Sakshi also hears her.

Precap : Manav will slap Vaibhav. Niharika will shout Mr. Bajpayee. Sakshi will try explaining that Manav slapped him as he tried misbehaving with her. Niharika will ask Manav about his relationship with Sakshi.

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