Kaamnaa 26th May 2022 Written Update: Vaibhav fills Anurag’s ears against Sakshi and Manav.

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The episode starts with Vaibhav picking Akanksha from Yadhu when Yadhu wakes up. He struggles under Vaibhav’s hold and asks him to leave him. Yashoda notices someone arriving and threatens them to leave Yadhu with knife. Akanksha gets confused with her behaviour and gets shocked seeing Manav and Meera in door. Meera is video recording it all. Yadhu recalls being awake when Akanksha came and texting Manav. Manav asks Meera whether she video recorded everything and she says she recorded everything with full proof. Manav lashes out at Akanksha for using his son for saving her boyfriend. He says that he would not let her son meet her anymore. Vaibhav leaves while Manav says that today he would cancel her visitation rights. Akanksha falls on his feet and pleads him not to do so as but Manav doesn’t get convinced and throws her out of the house. He fires all the employees and praises Yashoda for trying to save Yadhu. Yadhu hugs him.


Vaibhav thinks that he needs to make another plan. Akanksha lashes out at him for not listening to her and ending up in cancelling her visitation rights. Vaibhav says that she’s mistaken to think that she only lost Yadhu but she also lost the 50% share of Kapoor group of Institutions. Akanksha asks him not to say so and Vaibhav asks her to let him be in peace for him ti think straight. Akanksha agrees and leaves. Manav makes arrangements to work from home and informs the same to Yadhu. Yadhu gets happy hearing it. Anurag visits Manav and introduces himself as Sakshi’s fiancee. Manav greets him and Anurag says about his and Sakshi’s marriage being second marriage. He asks about his relationship with Sakshi and Manav sends Yadhu inside with Yashoda. Manav refuses to have any affair with Sakshi but Anurag doesn’t believe and speaks ill about their relationship. He says it’s fine and he’s OK with it and takes his leave. Manav is astounded with his insecurity.

Yashoda calls Akanksha but Vaibhav picks up the call. She apologizes him first and reasons why she behaved so and Vaibhav says he understood. She says about Anurag visiting Manav and speaking about his affair with Sakshi. Vaibhav pretends like he doesn’t care but after cutting the call he makes plans to use Anurag. Vaibhav meets with Anurag. Manav sats Yadhu that he’s going out for a work and will be back soon. He promises Yadhu the same. Vaibhav fills Anurag’s ears against Manav. He says that Manav is using Sakshi in the pretext of being her son’s teacher. He says that Sakshi is quite emotional towards Yadhu and Manav uses it to have affair with Sakshi. He says it could continue even after marriage. Anurag says he’s a widow and it’s not easy for him to find a bride for him. Vaibhav says he has a solution to keep Manav out of Sakshi’s life.

Manav visits Malti and Manav says that he’s there to discuss about something important. Malti apologies him and says that with difficulty she found a match for Sakshi and if Sakshi’s future family gets to know about it then it would result in problems. She tries closing the door but Manav forcefully enters saying that he’s there to discuss about something very important. He says about Anurag visiting him and speaking ill about Sakshi. He says that whether he did clear check on him but Malti says she did as much as she could and cries asking him not to interfere. Manav tries making her understand that he’s not the right guy for Sakshi and promises to find a good match for Sakshi. Sakshi comes there who’s he to find a groom for her. She says in final that she will only marry him.

Precap : Someone will hit Yadhu knowingly and Sakshi will try to save him but in vain. She will cry seeing his condition. Ayesha will rush to Manav and will say that Sakshi mam called her and informed about Yadhu meeting with accident shocking Manav.

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