Kaamnaa 3rd February 2022 Written Update: Yadhu gets electrocuted

Kaamnaa 3rd February 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts Yadhu asking Manav if his mother is dead. Manav refuses and says that she has gone for her work. He hears door bell rings and opens it to find Amita. Vaibhav gives a necklace to Akanksha and Akanksha asks if it’s Niharika’s and is it for shoot. Vaibhav says no more her rehearsal. Akanksha gets shocked but Vaibhav lies that he’s changing the climax for her. Akanksha gets happy.

Maya got informed by security that rehearsal is cancelled and she tries contacting Vaibhav and Akanksha but in vain. Amita asks Manav about why he’s frustrated in his office. Manav lies that Akanksha went out for shoot for few days and he’s handling home and office together. Amita says Yadhu is lucky to have them as his parents who lives adjusting each other. She says that seeing them she has planned to give a chance to Pankaj and is throwing a party for their reunion. She invites him and Yadhu and leaves asking him to come.

Manav couldn’t say the truth seeing Amita changing taking him as example. Yadhu says he’s hungry and Manav says he himself will make food today. Yadhu shouts at his father about burnt omelette who’s lost in Amrita’s words. Manav serves Yadhu the omlette but Yadhu says there is egg shell in it. He gives him milk and Yadhu finds layer on it and complaints about it. He finds tomatoes in sandwich which he don’t like. He shouts at Manav that he have bo idea about what he likes and what he don’t. Manav scolds him for his tantrums and asks what would he do if his mother left all of a sudden.

Door bell rings and Manav opens it to find Maya standing there. She asks for Akanksha for the shoot. Manav is scared that she would say the truth to Yadhu and shuts the door saying that she left for another ad shoot. Pankaj meets with Vinay and they have a happy reunion. Yadhu watched it missing his time with parents. Manav in washroom imagines Akanksha and confronts her about leaving Yadhu. Yadhu looks at the burnt omlette in fridge and decides to eat it as Manav made it with difficulty. He heats it in oven but the oven catches fire.

Yadhu is about to touch it. Manav comes hearing his scream and finds it oven on fire. He finds Yadhu unconscious and lifts him up and runs out. Neighbours sees it. Manav takes him into auto to hospital. On the other hand, Vaibhav is taking Akanksha somewhere in secret. Doctor is treating Yadhu and Amita, Pankaj and Kaushal comes there. Manav says what happened and Doctor says thankfully there is no burn marks but have to check for head injury. He asks them to wait till he wakes up. He scolds Manav for his carelessness. Manav blames himself and prays God to save his son.

Precap : Akanksha will call Manav and he will asks how dare she to call him. Akanksha will say that she didn’t call for him but for Yadhu. Manav will say that she is caring for him all of a sudden after leaving a night. He will lash out at her calling that she is a shame in the name of mother.

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