Kaatrukenna Veli 23rd April 2021 Written Update: Surya feels reluctant to ask about Saradha

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The inspector says to Madhavan that he must have troubled Vennila, so she left the home in the late night and she must be hiding the truth to save her sister’s marriage. The inspector warns Madhavan. The inspector calls Vennila and asks if Madhavan misbehaved with her and asks her to tell the truth without fearing anyone. Vennila recalls Madhavan misbehaving with her, then Madhavan beating Sowmiya. Vennila hides the truth and says nothing like that happened. The inspector tells Vennila that she shouldn’t have left home in the night and asks Vennila to be strong and face any problem in life. Sowmiya takes Vennila out. The inspector warns Madhavan and sends him.

Sowmiya, Vennila and Madhavan return home. Madhavan’s parents get shocked on seeing Vennila and asks Vennila to get out. Sowmiya says that Vennila is innocent and about to tell even Madhavan admitted it in front of the inspector, but Madhavan cuts her and asks Sowmiya to take Vennila inside. Madhavan lies to his parents that police was ready to take complaint against Vennila, but he refused them because he felt pity on Vennila. Police has warned her. Madhavan’s mother feels proud of the upbringing she gave Madhavan and badmouths Vennila’s upbringing.

Madhavan reaches Saradha’s house in Theni. He finds the house locked and realizes that Saradha hasn’t come here. He wonders where she would’ve gone. He says that he even doesn’t have who to ask about Saradha. He drives off.

Vennila is seen packing her clothes. Sowmiya brings tea for Vennila. Sowmiya asks why she’s packing. Vennila says that she decided to leave the house. She doesn’t like to stay here. Sowmiya says that she doesn’t like either to stay here, but she should stay with her until she finds a safe place. Vennila says that she can’t stay here.

Sowmiya says that she knows she’s scared of her husband and can guess what would’ve happened that day, after all he’s her husband and knows about him. She also knows that she was silent for her sake and asks how she can abandon her. Vennila says that she doesn’t want to cause any problem to her. Sowmiya says that she’s used to problems staying here. She further says that Madhavan is scared since they have returned from the Police station and he won’t disturb her again. She asks Vennila to be patient and assures nothing wrong will happen to her. She asks to be courageous and concentrate on her studies forgetting everything. Vennila is worried for Saradha. Sowmiya says that Saradha is very brave and she must’ve returned to her home town and asks her not to worry.

Shyamala asks Bhanumathi if she got any information about Saradha from Mahadevan. Bhanumathi says that Mahadevan phone is non-recheable. She further says that as much as she knows Saradha, she would definitely got hurt with Surya’s word and she can never sacrifice her self-esteem, so she must’ve decided not to stay here after hearing Surya’s hateful words and must’ve left to her home town.

They discuss that Surya shouldn’t have talk in that way with Saradha. Just then Surya comes downstairs. Surya hesitates to ask about Saradha to Bhanumathi and Shyamala and asks them about others. Bhanumathi understands Surya’s hesitation and assures him that they will find Saradha. Shyamala asks Surya why he hesitates to ask about his mother, even though he’s angry with his mother, he loves her.

Surya denies it and says that his anger is right, but the words he used are wrong. Bhanumathi says that he’s mistaking Saradha. Surya says that he doesn’t want to understand her and says his dad is responsible for everything, he brought her to Chennai. Bhanumathi says that he may not need his mother, but why Mahadevan should stay away from his wife. They should get united after living many years apart and asks Surya to try understand Saradha. Surya says that he doesn’t need Saradha. Shymala asks then why he hasn’t eaten anything since two days. Surya says that he is regretting his rude behavior towards Saradha and wants to apologize to her and that sorry will be the last he will address to Saradha and leaves. Bhanumathi says to Shyamala that Surya cannot admit his mistake completely and at the same time he’s scared of Meenakashi’s reaction. She further says that Surya’s heart is slowly changing.

The episode ends.

Precap: Vennila tells Surya that she deliberately didn’t come to his class which shocks Surya. Surya says that no student cutted his class till now. Vennila says that she has a reason for that. She’s scared that she may feel the anger on seeing him.