Kaatrukenna Veli 2nd June 2021 Written Update: Vennila to get dismissed from the college?

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The episode starts with Abhi and Anandhi sticking Vennila’s letter copies on the wall. Anandhi asks what is the use of doing this. Abhi says that Vennila will be flamed for spoiling college property and also for badmouthing about the college. Anandhi says that Vennila didn’t say anything bad about the college in the letter. Abhi writes on the wall the slogans against college. Abhi says that Vennila herself give them an opportunity to kick her out of the college. Anandhi is scared of getting caught. Abhi reassures her. They leave to inform Vishwa and Mahadevan about this.

Mahadevan and Vishwa are having a talk. Abhi and Anandhi come to them. Abhi says that Vennila has been causing problems since the day she had joined college. Mahadevan says that Vennila can’t trouble anyone instead she’s getting troubled. He reminds them locking Vennila inside the classroom. Mahadevan is certain that Vennila can only bring pride for their college. Abhi hands them Vennila’s letter copies. They read it and get shocked. Vishwa asks what it’s.

Abhi says that Vennila is distributing this copies to all the students. Mahadevan says that he can’t believe that Vennila can do anything like that and asks Abhi if she’s trying to trap Vennila. Vishwa says that Saradha is behind this. Vishwa and Mahadevan argue. Abhi stops them and blames Vennila. She says that Vennila is doing like this to spoil their college’s reputation. Anandhi says that the students already started gossiping about it. Mahadevan says that Vennila isn’t like that.

Anandhi and Abhi take Vishwa and Mahadevan and show the posters sticked on the wall and the slogan against the college management. Vishwa gets furious while Mahadevan finds something fishy. Mahadevan says that Vennila can’t stop so low. He asks Vishwa if Vennila asked for a room in the hostel. Vishwa says yes, but he didn’t give her room. Mahadevan asks why he didn’t give her room. Abhi interrupts and says that Vennila should’ve talked to Mahadevan. She questions Mahadevan if Vennila had talked to him regarding this matter. Mahadevan remains quiet.

Vishwa wants to dismiss Vennila. Mahadevan says that they should investigate before. He further says that Shivanandham and Surya are also out of the town. They can’t take any decision without discussing with Shivanandham. Vishwa says that he will talk to him. Mahadevan wants to know from Vennila why she did like that. They leave. Abhi nad Anandhi are overjoyed.

Tamizh sees the posters and gets shocked. He thinks that Vennila can’t do like this and wonders who would’ve done it. Abhi and Anandhi watch him standing far. Tamizh goes to them and questions if they did this. They refuse.

Tamizh shows to Vennila and Rupa the posters. Rupa asks who would have done this. Tamizh says that Abhi must’ve done this. Vennila asks how he can be so sure about it. Tamizh and Rupa says that one else than Abhi can do this. Vennila says that she is ready to face it. Her friends worry that she will get dismissed. Vennila says that she hasn’t done anything wrong. Tamizh asks how she will prove it.

Just then they see the girls, who have mocked Vennila coming. Tamizh stops them and questions them if they sticked the posters on the wall. They deny it. Tamizh asks them where the letter copy that Vennila gave them. The girls blabbers that they gave to Abhi and leave. Vennila is inforned that she is called to the conference hall for enquiry. Her friends worry for Vennila. However Vennila is confident that she will get justice. She leaves.

Vishwa questions Vennila how she dared to write a notice against the college management and share it with other students. Vennila says that she hasn’t written anything wrong about the college. Vennila admits that she had distributed the notices to the students. Vishwa demands to dismiss Vennila.

The episode ends.

Precap: Mahadevan enquires the hostel warden about the room availability and orders Vishwa to give a room to Vennila.