Kaatrukenna Veli 3rd June 2021 Written Update: Vennila ridicules Abhi for her defeat

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The episode starts with Mahadevan saying to Vennila that he didn’t expect that she will do something which will spoil college’s reputation. Vennila says that she got tired of being refused a room in the hostel. They lied that she got a room. She has come believing their words and had to stay in the college whole night. Vishwa says that Vennila is doing drama.

Mahadevan asks who told her that she got room. Vennila says Abhi. Vishwa says that Vennila tortured Abhi asking for a room. Vennila denies it. She says that Abhi voluntarily come to help her. Abhi told that Vishwa asked her to join the hostel, so she left the place where she was staying previously. She can’t go back to that place and asks how she can study without a place to stay. Vishwa calls it all a lie. Mahadevan asks Vishwa why he didn’t allocate a room for Vennila. Vishwa says that there is no room in the hostel.

The hostel warden comes there. Mahadevan questions her if there’s any vacancy in the hostel. The warden hesitates to answer. Mahadevan asks her to tell the truth without fearing anyone. The warden says that there are two rooms available, but Vishwa told her to not give room to anyone without his consent. Vishwa says that they can’t give room to anyone, who asks for a room.

Mahadevan says that he is doing wrong and asks to allocate a room for Vennila. Vishwa refuses. He says that he can’t give room to the girl, who spoiled their college’s reputation. Vennila says that she only disturbed the notices. She hasn’t written the slogans against the college on the wall. Vishwa questions then who did it. Vennila says that he has to find it.

Vishwa demands Vennila to write an apology letter. Vennila refuses as she hasn’t not done anything wrong. They called her for an enquiry because she disturbed notice. Vishwa says that she won’t get room. Mahadevan interrupts and says that what he’s saying it’s against their rules. He orders Vishwa to give a room for Vennila. Vishwa angrily leaves. Mahadevan tells the warden to give a room for Vennila immediately. Vennila gets overjoyed. Mahadevan advises Vennila to not do like this again and tells her to talk to him or Surya if she has any problem. Vennila agrees and leaves.

Vennila shares her joy with her friends. Vennila goes to confront Abhi along with her friends. Abhi pretends to not know anything happened with Vennila. Vennila lies that she got dismissed. Abhi and Anandhi act of feeling bad for Anu. Abhi says that she will miss Vennila lot. Vennila and her friends burst out of laughing.

Vennila tells that she didn’t get dismissed. She is given a room in the hostel which shocks Abhi and Anandhi. Vennila says that she doesn’t understand why Abhi lied to her. She considered her as her friend. Abhi denies the allegation. Vennila says that her dad said he didn’t ask her to join hostel and asks whether he’s lying. Tamizh sings a song for Abhi mocking her. Vennila says that Abhi teached a good life lesson to her. She says firmly that she will not leave this college without completing her study. She shakes hand with Abhi and walks away.

The episode ends.

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