Kaatrukenna Veli 4th May 2021 Written Update: Vennila apologizes to Surya

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The episode starts with Surya asking Meenakshi permission to meet Saradha. Vishwa asks Surya not to spoil Meenakshi’s mood. Meenakshi asks why Surya should meet her. She asks if Saradha is in her hometown. Surya nods yes. Meenakshi says that Saradha is doing drama to separate Surya from the family. Surya says that he’s regretful of his act and wants to apologize to Saradha for his inner peace. Meenakshi says that she doesn’t like him meeting Saradha and he hasn’t done any mistakes to apologize to her. Saradha left Surya when he was kid, but Saradha never apologized to him for that. Meenakshi says that her son is in abroad, but he never missed him, but she can’t stay away from Surya. Meenakshi says if he considers her as his mother, he should meet Saradha nor talk about her in this house. Meenakshi asks Surya if he still wants to meet Saradha. Surya washes his hands and says that he’s going to the college. Meenakshi gets elated. Bhanumathi and Shyamala discuss that Meenakshi succeeded to stop Surya from meeting Saradha.

Rupa and Vennila discuss about Soumiya’s in-laws. Vennila says that she will leave the house after a week, but she couldn’t get admission in the hostel. Rupa says that Soumiya’s husband seems a good man. Vennila doesn’t comment anything. Surya and his colleague are discussing about the cultural programs. They are coming opposite side of Vennila and Rupa. Vennila and Rupa greet Surya and continue to walk on the opposite direction. Vennila excuses herself from Rupa and comes downstairs to meet Surya. Other side Surya also comes to meet Vennila.

They both stop seeing each other. Vennila thanks Surya for informing her that Saradha was found. She was elated hearing this news that she couldn’t thanks him immediately and apologizes to Surya. Vennila further says that she wants apologizes to shout at him in the hospital. Vennila says that she is still angry with him for acting rude with Saradha, but still she shouldn’t have shouted at him in front of all. If one realizes his mistake, he should apologize for mistake immediately. She apologizes to him and leaves. Surya recalls Vennila’s words. He books flight ticket to go to Madurai.

Vasuki and her mother visit Saradha’s house. They find Mahadevan washing his car and mistakes him for a driver. Mahadevan also acts as driver and says that he got this job after so much struggle. Vasuki’s mother questions Mahadevan from where he’s coming. Mahadevan says that he’s from Chennai. Vasuki mother says that even her granddaughter studied in a big college in Chennai. Mahadevan realizes they’re Vennila’s mother and granddaughter.

Vasuki and her mother meet Saradha. Mahadevan goes to the kitchen to prepare tea for them. Vasuki tells that Vennila informed them that Saradha is in the village. Vasuki asks about Vennila and says that she misses her. Vasuki wishes that Vennila achieves her dream. Mahadevan brings tea. Vasuki praises Mahadevan’s tea and asks why he left Chennai and is working as cook in the village. Saradha gets stunned hearing this.

The episode ends.

Precap: Abhi phones Meenakshi and tells that Surya left to the airport to go to Madurai. Meenakshi looks shocked.