Kaatrukenna Veli: Soumiya to get thrown out of her in-basket house

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Vijay TV’s much loved show is all set for some interesting twists in the storyline.

In the current story it’s seen that Mahadevan questions Vennila what happened why she is dull. Vennila hesitates to answer. Vishwa taunts Vennila. The latter lies she is just tired and walks away. Surya makes an excuse and goes to the hostel. Surya questions Vennila what she’s doing outside. Vennila says that she is waiting for Roopa to bring her dinner. Surya asks why she doesn’t eat in the hostel cantine. Vennila reveals that she decided to not eat in the cantine until she pays the hostel fee. Surya says that he will talk to the warden, but Vennila refuses. Surya insists and asks if she will wait daily for Roopa. Vennila says that she’s waiting for Roopa to make a call from her. Surya notices Vennila being nervous and asks what’s the matter. Vennila tells that Madhavan created a scene at her office and got captured by the staffs. She wants to inform her sister about this. Surya offers his phone to Vennila. The latter hesitates first then she accepts his help. Meanwhile Vishwa wants to go and see where Surya is, but Mahadevan stops him.

Vennila phones Soumiya and informs her what happened. Soumiya assures that she will handle this. Vennila returns the mobile to Surya and thanks him. He tells her to go back to her room and leaves.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Soumiya will go to Vennila’s workplace to release Madhavan. However Madhavan will scold her. Later Maragadam will tell Soumiya to pack her bag. That time Soumiya’s dad and brother will come there.

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