Kaatrukenna Veli: Surya to ignore Saradha

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Vijay Television’s popular show Kaatrukkena Veli’s audience is going to witness high voltage drama in the upcoming episode.

In the current story, it’s seen that Meenakshi does an emotional drama and pollutes Surya’s mind against Saradha. She makes him believe that Saradha never cared and loved him. She makes him promise that he will never talk to Saradha. Mahadevan sees this and gets shocked.

Other hand Saradha shares her past with Vennila. The hostel warden tries to trouble Vennila, but Saradha shuts the hostel warden’s mouth by reminding her of hostel rules. Meenakshi talks to Surya about his marriage. Surya says that he’s interested to get married now. Meenakshi tries to persuade Surya. She assures him that she will find a good match for him. Surya looks helpless.

Vasuki argues with Varadan and Vishnu supporting Vennila. She reprimands them for trying to ruin Vennila’s study for their own benefit. Varadan says that Vennila insulted him. He has disowned her and forbids Vasuki to talk about Vennila.

Surya, Vishwas, Abhi and Anandhi come to the college. Surya notices that Abhi is disturbed and asks her about the same. Abhi says that Vennila creates daily a scene and their classes were canceled because of her. Surya diverts the topic and walks away which rages Vishwa, Abhi and Anandhi.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Saradha will be talking with Vennila. Saradha will notice Surya coming downstairs. She will call out Surya and will ask how he is doing. Surya will walk away ignoring Saradha and her question. Saradha will feel bad. Vennila will try to console her.

Will Surya ever learn that Saradha isn’t at fault? Will he accept her as his mother?

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