Kaatrukenna Veli: Surya to motivate Maran

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Vijay Television’s show Kaatrukkena Veli’s is gearing up for more drama with Maran being in a painful situation.

In the previous episode it was seen that Surya stayed awake whole and looked after Vennila and Maran. The morning Surya returned home before anyone coud find that he went to the hospital. Vennila said to her friends that she will take care of Maran and asked them to leave for college as they had classes. Moorti learned about the attack happened on Vennila and Maran. He rushed to the hospital and bursted out in tears learning about Maran’s leg fracture. Vennila looked confused on seeing his reaction and asked why he cries like that for Maran. Moorti revealed that Maran is his son and he hid this truth since Maran is ashamed to say that his father is working as a cleaner in the college where he studies. Vennila got shocked hearing this.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Moorti will request Vennila to not let Maran know that Vennila is aware that Moorti is his dad. Vennila will agree. Moorti will leave asking Vennila to take care of Maran. Maran will gain his consciousness and will get shattered learning that his leg is fractured and he can’t run temporarily. Surya will come to the hospital and will motivate Maran that he can recover fast and earn new opportunities to participate in big tournaments. Rupa will inform Soumiya about the attack happened on Vennila. Soumiya will rush to the hospital. Madhavan will decide to accompany her.

Will Vennila find out Madhavan is behind her attack? How Vennila will react after knowing the truth?

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