Kaatrukenna Veli: Vennila to take a stand for Surya

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Star Vijay’s popular daily soap Kaatrukkenna Veli has been entertaining its audience since the first day it’s aired on the small screen. The show is up for high voltage drama in the upcoming episode with Madavan creating a scene in the college where Vennila study.

In the current story it’s seen that Abhi phones Soumiya to complain about Vennila. Madhavan receives the call. Abhi tells him that Vennila is roaming inside the college with boys and doing disgusting acts. Madhavan gets angry hearing this. Madhavan reaches Vennila’s college with Soumya. That time Vennila hits her leg in the chair and shouts in pain. Tamizh check her wound holding her hand. Madhavan notices this and shouts Vennila. He speaks ill of Vennila and his friends. Vennila and her friends try to clarify him in vain. Madhavan tries to take Vennila home forcefully. Tamizh stops him and gets pushed down by Madhavan. Tamizh hits Madavan and pushes him down. A furious Madavan vows to avenge them all and angrily walks away. He goes to the security guard and argues with him asking to the college owner immediately. The security guard calls Vishwa and informs that Vennila’s relative is creating a scene in the college and asks to meet him. Vishwa gets shocked hearing this.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Surya, Vishwa and Mahadevan will reach the college. Surya will say that he gave permission to Vennila and her friends to study staying back in the college. Madhavan will badmouth Surya which will anger Vennila. Vennila will warn Madhavan that she won’t tolerate one more word against Surya.

What will happen next? Will Surya fins out that Abhi provoked Madhavan?

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