kaatrukkenna Veli: Abhi to invite Vennila to Surya’s birthday party: What Abhi is planning?

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Vijay TV newly launched show kaatrukkenna Veli started gaining popularity in a short span of time. The show was aired first in the afternoon, but later on, shifted to the evening slot. The story revolves around a girl named, Vennila, who ran away from her marriage to persuade her dreams, and Surya, who is a misogynist. He doesn’t like women, who want to study and work. He has become like this because of his mother, who left him when he was a kid, to pursue her career.

So far in the episode, it was seen that Vennila participated in an English elocution competition. Surya gave her a book to help her. In the competition, Vennila struggled to give her speech and got mocked by other students. Vennila decided to back off from the competition. However, Surya scolded Vennila to provoke her anger so that she will complete the speech. Surya’s plan worked and a furious Vennila successfully completed her speech. Vennila won the prize which enraged Abhi, who got the second prize.

In the current track, it’s seen that Vennila wants to get admission to the college’s hostel and enquires about it in the office room. She gets elated knowing there’s a room available in the hostel. However, Vishwa refuses her to provide room. Abhi befriends Vennila shocking their classmates. Vennila returns the book that Surya gave to prepare for the elocution and thanks to him, but Surya scolds her. Mahadevan pogrom to Saradha that Surya will celebrate his birthday with her.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Abhi will ask Vennila if she’s not coming to Surya’s birthday to which Vennila will say she’s not coming. She will say that Surya keeps scolding her during classes and she doesn’t want to make him angry at his birthday party.

Why Abhi invites Vennila to Surya’s birthday? Will Vennila attend Surya’s birthday?

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