Kaatrukkenna Veli: Vennila to be overjoyed with Surya’s return

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Vijay TV’s popular show Kaatrukkenna Veli is all for new twists and turns in the story with Surya returning to the college.

In the current story it’s seen that Vennila ignores the ghost story and keeps studying sitting in the open. But she feels strange and keeps looking at the room where the girl had committed suicide. She decides to continue studying morning. In the morning, Vennila studies sitting in the college campus. She comes across one of her classmates, Maran, who is an athletic and who doesn’t attend the classes regularly as he doesn’t have any intrest in studies and also he needs to practice hard to reach his aim of getting a good government job through sports quota. Later Maran speaks rudely with his father, who is a cleaner in the same college. He hides from everyone the fact that his father is a cleaner since he’s feeling ashamed of it.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Surya will return to the college. He will come across Maran, who will be surprised to see Surya in the college since Venilla told him that Surya is on leave. Surya will ask the boy where Vennila is. The boy will reply that he has seen her on the college ground. Surya will go to Vennila. The latter will get elated on seeing Surya. She will why he hasn’t come to the college. She will then tell that she got admission in the college hostel. Surya will say that he heard how she got that admission and will scold her and warn her to not repeat her act. Vennila will laugh and will say that she missed his scoldings. Surya will also smile while a romantic song plays in the BG.

What new twists Maran is going to bring Vennila’s life? Will Vennila learn Maran’ secret?

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