Kaatrukkenna Veli: Vennila to reveal Abhi’s truth to Surya

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Vijay TV’s popular show Kaatrukkenna Veli is gearing up for new twists and turns in the story.

In the current story it’s seen that Surya meets Maran. They have a talk. Maran tells Surya that Vennila told he was in leave and also tells about Vennila creating a ruckus to get a room in the college. Maran’s father enquire Vennila about Maran and learns that he’s not coming to the class. He asks Vennila to help him in his studies. He hides the truth that he’s Maran’s dad from Vennila.

Vennila gets overjoyed knowing Surya has come and goes to him. Vennila express her joy of meeting him after a long. Surya asks Vennila about her protest against college management. Vennila narrates him all the happened. Surya warns her for distributing posters against college and scolds her. Vennila laughs and says that she missed his scoldings. Surya also laughs. Vennila advised Surya to not run away from the problems when he he’s not at mistake and asks to face it bravely.

Abhi shares with Anandhi that their dad has a plan to make Vennila leave the hostel. Later Surya scolds Abhi and Anandhi for deceiving Vennila. Abhi puts an emotional act to convince Surya.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Surya will meet his dad, Mahadevan, who will be on cloud nine meeting his son after a longtime. He will that he missed him lot to which Surya will reply that he knows this and will reveal that Vennila told him.

What is Vishwa’s plan against Vennila? Will he succeed in his plan?

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