Kabbadi match will bring twist in Gathbandhan

Next in colors show Gathbandhan Dhanak and Maya will fight against each other.

Last we reported, Mai plans to give electric shock to Dhanak but her plan backfires. Instead of Dhanak, Raghu touches the wire and gets a shock. Dhanak helps Raghu and takes care of him. Raghu thanks Dhanak.

Ahead Mai informs the chawl people about the Kabaddi match. She asks Dhanak to participate in the match with a hidden motive. Mai manipulates Dhanak and she gets ready to take part in the match. Mai teams up with Maya and Dhanak becomes the captain of the second team.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Dhanak will save Mai from the falling chandelier.

Everyone is excited about the match in which Raghu is the referee while Aslam and Sodabatli are commentators. However, Dhanak and Maya battle their opinions over Raghu. Dhanak’s team will stand against Mai’s team. Match will start with Maya and Dhanak. Mai will ask Maya not to lose, as it’s about their respect. Maya will think to teach Dhanak a lesson. Meanwhile, Dhanak will see chandelier falling on Mai, will run to save her, and will end up hurting herself.

Raghu will take care of Dhanak and Mai and Maya will get jealous. Do the match incidents will bring Dhanak and Raghu together? Do Raghu will once again believe Dhanak or once again Mai and Maya will team up to harm Dhanak? What more twists and turns will come in the show will be interesting to watch. How Raghu and Dhanak will reunite, well for all the answers keep watching Gathbandhan mon-fri on Colors TV and anytime on Voot.

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