Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 13th May 2022 Written Update: Akriti creates a scene in Ridesh’s Tehravi

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The episode starts with Charu tells Gungun that they didn’t know if she know the rituals that’s the reason but Maya interrupts and asks is they here to talk to her. Maya tells Charu and the family members that Gungun’s mother is still alive who is enough to take care of her so asks them not to show fake concern towards Gungun. Gungun asks why she is talking to them like this. Maya says that she should be happy she is talking to them. Goli asks Maya to not to talk as she don’t spread any happiness to anyone. The priest says that an elder family members has to sit in the puja.

Maya tells Gungun that she is allergic to smoke so asks her to sit in the puja and goes to stand beside her friend. Gungun says to the priest she and Garima is the only family members of Ridesh. Priest asks Ridesh don’t have a son or son in law. Gungun looks at Anubhav and recalls everything that happened then tells the priest no one is in Ridesh’s life as his son or son in law. Akriti asks Gungun why she is lying why she isn’t revealing her husband’s identity. Maya asks Akriti to stop talking nonsense saying Gungun is still unmarried but Akriti defends that not only her but all of them seen her wearing vermilion on her forehead also saying that she get married if she has doubt then she can ask to anyone here. Kulshreshth’s looks down.

Gungun thanks Akriti for being part of this ceremony and says her to not to interfere in her personal life but Maya demands Gungun to tell who she get married too. Gungun says its her personal life. Charu says if she don’t want to tell then she can say to them and no one will ask her. Gungun says to Charu that she told so many times but their daughter in law Akriti is so much interested in her personal life. Anubhav scolds Akriti and asks her to remain silent infront of everyone. Maya demands again Gungun about her marriage but Gungun refuses. Akriti defends herself but Garima warns her. Gungun taunts Maya to keep company of her NRI friends as she she is allergic to smoke.

Gungun sits on the puja. She cries during the puja. The priest says the puja is over. Gungun talks to one of the worker about the food which will remain even after all of the guests had. She suggests him to give it to the kids who lives near by the temple. The workers agrees. Anubhav goes to Gungun and asks her to have food. Gungun refuses saying she isn’t hungry and leaves the place. Garima says to Anubhav that Gungun always saying this. Anubhav follows Gungun and pleads her to have food for the sake of her father. Gungun looks at Ridesh’s photo frame and gets emotional. Akriti comes there and says to Anubhav that now they can go to their honeymoon which get stopped due to sudden demise of Ridesh which shocks both Anubhav and Gungun.

Gungun thinks to herself that Anubhav is acting to her like he cares for her and planning to go for a honeymoon with Akriti. Anubhav angrily says to Akriti that they never planned such things though. Akriti acts and asks Anubhav to not to be uncomfortable and says to Gungun they made a plan before the marriage take place. Gungun scolds both Anubhav and Akriti for discussing about their honeymoon and reminds them they are here for Ridesh’s Tehravi. Akriti says that this house is also her’s so there is nothing wrong in discussing about this. Gungun looks away but gets angry seeing Ranvijay who entere the house with the bouquet in his hand. Anubhav also gets angry seeing Ranvijay there. Ranvijay goes and does the formalities.

Maya greets him and tells him that she thought he won’t come but Gungun must have invited him right. Ranvijay tells Maya that Gungun didn’t invited him but he come to attend this on his own. Maya says that means their fight isn’t over yet. She then asks him to stay she needs to talk to him. Ranvijay agrees and goes to where Anubhav Gungun and Akriti is. Ranvijay greets Anubhav in a mocking way and asks him to introduce him to his wife. Akriti introduces herself and tells Ranvijay that she also heard a lot about him but this is the first time she got the chance to meet him. Ranvijay smirks and says to Akriti that she herself introduced or else Anubhav would’ve get confused. Akriti gets confused but Ranvijay smiles and says that Anubhav might get confused whether to introduce her to him or not. He also says that Anubhav is good at hiding his relationship with everyone. He maintains it like a secret. He further adds that Anubhav will never say anything to Gungun about her and vice versa. Anubhav looks angry whereas Gungun looks worried.

Gungun takes Ranvijay away and threatens him for trying to create a scene. Ranvijay shows her the photo of Anubhav filling her hairline with vermilion and says if she ever talk him in this tone then he will definitely reveal the truth. Gungun pleads Ranvijay to not to do this and tells him that she has given the money he demanded already then why he is doing all this. Ranvijay tells that he wants to marry her shocking Gungun. Maya comes there. Ranvijay asks don’t Gungun told her about anything.

Maya says no then smiles and says now she understands that why Gungun hide this from her and tells Gungun that she don’t have problem with her decision. She asks Gungun to attend the guest first and leaves. Maya asks Akriti to have food saying her in laws won’t have because they are upset with her. Sunanda denies it and tells that they are here to take part in this and decides to leave. Ranvijay stops them and tells everyone that he and Gungun is getting married. Maya and Akriti gets happy. Gungun remains silent and Anubhav looks furious. Maya approves and asks Ranvijay to bring his parents home so they can discuss about this. She also approves Ranvijay’s idea to leave Gungun in India until their marriage registration happen.

Anubhav decides to leave but Akriti stops him which leads an argument between them. Ridesh’s friends and colleagues comes there and gets shocked hearing Maya’s announcement about Gungun’s marriage with Ranvijay. Virender glares at Anubhav and the latter leaves the place after Maya invites him to attend Gungun’s marriage. Later Gungun lashes out at Maya when she shows her a wedding card. She tears it into pieces. Maya asks her why she didn’t opposed it when Ranvijay made that announcement to which Gungun says that now she is saying she dont want to marry him. Maya looks on.

Precap: Gungun enters the house with her belongings and tells that the Kulshreshth’s are interested about her marriage life so now she will tell them who her husband is and goes to Anubhav and tells that she understands the care he has for her. Akriti gets furious and raises her hand at Gungun but the latter stops and asks her to not to interfere when the first wife is talking which shocks everyone.

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