Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 14th May 2022 Written Update: Gungun gets hurt by Anubhav’s words

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 14th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Maya says Gungun that she is the one who agreed to marry Ranvijay. Gungun asks Maya when did she told. Maya asks then why did she remain silent when Ranvijay made the marriage announcement. Maya says that she doesn’t what problem going on between them but asks her to sort it out saying if anything goes wrong then their reputation will be at stake. Gungun says that she only cares about her reputation not about her happiness. Maya asks if she is not happy with this marriage arrangements then why did she promised to Ranvijay.

Gungun says she never made a promise to Ranvijay also says that she agreed to go with Maya to USA only to avoid Ranvijay. Maya says if she dont want to marry then she will stop Ranvijay but Gungun says its not needed but Maya takes her mobile to call Ranvijay. Ranvijay in his house gets upset that the money he has is not enough but after he gets married to Gungun he will also become richer. He gets happy seeing getting a call from Gungun. Ranvijay greets thinking its Gungun but Maya says it’s her. Ranvijay apologises to her and asks how is she and Gungun.

Maya says that she called him to clear the misunderstanding and says that they have to cancel the marriage arrangements because Gungun is not happy with this and she cant force her to do something which she don’t want. She further says that she is happy to accept him as her son in law but Gungun is refusing so she thought to inform him and apologises to him.

Gungun gets angry and asks Maya why she is giving so much explanation to him also why she is interfering in her life. Maya says that she is her mother after her father it’s her responsibility to take care of her. Maya apologises to Ranvijay but Ranvijay says that he will bring his parent’s to talk about the marriage. Maya asks what about Gungun to which Ranvijay says that she is upset with him but asks her to give her the phone he will talk to her.

Maya gives the phone but Gungun refuses which leads Maya to scold her. Gungun takes the phone and from the other line Ranvijay asks Gungun how dare she say no to this alliance. He further reminds her if she dont get married to him then he will ruin both Anubhav and Ridesh’s reputation by posting the photo of her and Anubhav. Gungun shouts at him but Ranvijay warns her not to raise her voice or else she have to pay for it.

Gungun cries and asks Ranvijay why he is doing all this. Maya gets confused seeing Gungun’s behavior. Ranvijay says that he wants her eventhough to protect her from him Anubhav filled her hairline with vermilion but there is no use because in the end its him who is going to marry her and no one is here to stop this arrangement. Gungun cuts the call and asks Maya when they are going to USA. Maya says this Saturday. She asks about her decision to marry Ranvijay. Gungun shouts at her saying she already told that she dont want to marry him and leave the room.

Anubhav in his room doing work. Akriti comes there and closes the laptop saying he is always working. He is not giving her time eventhough they are newly wedded he is always busy with his works. She asks him to have pakoras which she brought for him. Anubhav says Akriti that he has so much work to do so tells he don’t have time but Akriti says that now they are married they have to spend time together. She puts her hand around him and says she wont give him any personal space in a loving way but Anubhav says that he needed a space and tells her to not to disturb him and creates a distance between him and Akriti.

Akriti says there is so many things left to discuss. Anubhav asks what it is. Akriti says that Ranvijay and Gungun’s marriage. She says that she knows that both of them will end up together and she is relieved now. Anubhav gets confused and asks why she is relieved with this news. Akriti asks him to ignore it and says that they both are careless and irresponsible people so they are perfect for each other. Anubhav makes an excuse that he is having an headache and leaves the room.

Akriti gets angry but says to herself that she knows it’s not his head but his heart is hurting but everything will be alright soon once the problem name Gungun leaves from their life. Anubhav recalls Akriti’s words and gets angry. He calls Gungun and lashes out at her for trapping him saying if it’s her actual plan to marry Ranvijay then what is the need for her the other day to create such scene which lead him to fill her hairline with vermilion.

Gungun gets shocked and angry but tells Anubhav that she already told him that she dont value the vermilion then why he is always behind that vermilion and asks him to focus on his marriage life with Akriti. She also tells Anubhav to focus on his honeymoon plan with Akriti. Anubhav says that Akriti is imagining all this and he never told it was his plan. Gungun says even Ranvijay’s imagination is to get married to her and she never told that she wanted to marry him. Anubhav refuses to believe Gungun’s words and calls her liar. Gungun gets hurt.

Anubhav tells Gungun that he is happy that he broke their marriage alliance with her and married to Akriti or else he would have to go through all her tantrums for the sake of attention. For this very reason only she told him always that she will meet her boyfriend even after their marriage too but thankfully he get married to Akriti however she is she is perfect for him. Gungun tells Anubhav that she agreed to marry him because Ridesh forced her. She also says that from the beginning she knows he is interested in Akriti and that’s the reason he praised Akriti during their sangeet. Anubhav says whatever he told about Akriti that day is true came from his heart.

Gungun asks Anubhav then why did he pretend to love her and talked and promised to her things which he can’t fulfill. Anubhav says that he was stupid but now he got to know about her true face. Gungun tells Anubhav the day he learns the truth he will regret it for sure. Anubhav asks her to tell him right away then mocks at her saying he knows she dont have any explanation to give. Gungun gets angry so say goodbye and cuts the call. Gungun hugs Ridesh’s photo and says that she is doing all this only to protect Anubhav. She may regret it later but she has to do this.

Later Ranvijay and his parents comes to Gungun’s house. Ranvijay’s mother asks about Gungun. Maya goes and gets shocked seeing Gungun didn’t get ready yet so she makes her get ready then takes her with her to meet Ranvijay’s parents. Ranvijay’s mother questions why Gungun is crying. Maya says that she is missing her father. Ranvijay’s mother assures her that they will take good care of her. Gungun looks on.

Precap: Gungun enters the Kulshreshth’s house and says that she will reveal her husband’s identity to them as they all showed so much interest. She then asks Anubhav why he is stopping her from revealing the truth and says that she understands the love he have for her so she come to stay with him forever. Akriti gets furious and raise her hand but Gungun stops and asks her to not to interfere when the first wife is talking which shocks the family members.

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