Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 15th August 2022 Written Update: Kulshreshths taunt Gungun

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The episode starts with Sargam and Sunanda discussing about Anubhav being sad. They jave prepared besan laddu for Anubhav hoping it will bring smile on his face. Sargam says that Gungun is responsible for Anubhav’s sadness and only she can bring his smile back. Sunanda says that she asked Gungun to make besan laddu for Anubhav, but she said that she doesn’t have time. They both come to Anubhav and Gungun’s bedroom and find Gungun sleeping. Sargam asks Gungun that she refused to make laddu for Anubhav giving the excuse of work, but she has time to sleep.

Gungun says that she has headache. Sargam doesn’t believe her and says that she doesn’t have headache while working in her office. Sunanda asks where Anubhav is. Gungun says that she doesn’t know. Sunanda asks why she shouldn’t call him. Sargam taunts Gungun saying that she doesn’t have time to call her husband. Gungun says that they can also call him. Sunanda says that after marriage Anubhav is her responsibility. Gungun says to let her fulfill her responsibility in her way and asks them to not interfere. Sargam taunts her asking her to fulfill it correctly.

Sunanda says that Anubhav stays out of the house to avoid fights with Gungun. She reminds her that she’s Anubhav’s first. Sargam says that Gungun is boss only in the house, but in the house, she’s only a daughter-in-law. Gungun says that she never claimed to be a celebrity or boss in house and just wants their support. Sargam says that she always claimed it many times through her behaviors. Sunanda says that Anubhav would have been happy if had married a simple girl. Gungun gets hurt hearing this.

Armaan is gets worried remembering doctor saying that Gungun has brain tumor. He calls the chairman and tells him about Gungun’s illness. He asks to make Gungun’s visa for US on urgent bases to perform her surgery here. The chairman says that they have to take her family’s consent. Armaan says that he doesn’t care about it all and urges him to prepare Gungun’s visa. The chairman asks why Armaan cares so much for Gungun. Armaan says that he himself doesn’t, he only knows that she can get best treatment in US only. He urges again to make her visa fast.

Gungun comes to his room. He places the bouquet and begins to walk back. Gungun stops him and asks why he has problem with her presence. Anubhav taunts saying that he doesn’t want to be with a celebrity. Gungun asks him to stop taunting her and says that she’s not a celebrity.

Anubhav says that she acts as celebrity by not giving time to the family. Gungun says that she doesn’t want to be a house wife. Anubhav says that they have Goli to work as she wanted like they allowed Gungun. He lectures her that Gungun should be emotionally with family. Gungun says about the success party organized by her office and asks if he brought bouquet for her. Anubhav says that Akriti gave him. Gungun is shocked to know that Anubhav met Akriti.

Family is having dinner together. Gungun comes there. Sargam keeps taunting Gungun. The latter asks Sargam to sit and serve the food. Family taunts Gungun again. They say that she wants to tell them something so she came downstairs to have lunch. Gungun invites them for her success party. Sargam criticises Gungun. She says that she has time to party, but she doesn’t have time for family. They all give an excuse and refuses to attend the party. Sargam says that they don’t want to attend her party as they don’t have the habit. She adds that they can’t forget the humiliation they faced. Sargam says that Gungun shouldn’t waste her time in that party and should give that time to the family. Gungun says that she has to go as it’s organized for her success.

Anubhav says that Gungun doesn’t have health issues to go to the party. Gungun says that she will go to the party despite of her health issues. Chandru warns Gungun to not misbehave with Anubhav. Gungun reminds that even Gungun misbehaved with her, but he didn’t reprimand him. Gungun says that she will attend the party even she don’t get the award as his office members organized it for her happiness.

Anubhav says that Gungun achieved crushing their dreams and asks how she can expect their support. Gungun says that she did all this to make Anubhav and the family proud. Anubhav says that she did this for herself. Anubhav says that she was always taunted for not having any goal in life, she wanted to prove them wrong and prove her dad’s upbringing is right, but they don’t want to take part in her happiness. She says that it’s fine and leaves.

In the party the chairman announces that Gungun won the award. He congratulates her. Gungun thanks him. He tells about the party organized for Gungun and says that before that they will cut a cake to celebrate Gungun and their company’s success.

The episode ends.

Precap: Armaan surprises Gungun by coming to India and to her party. Gungun says that this is her life’s best surprise. They cut cake together and dance. Anubhav fumes in anger seeing this.

The episode starts with Anubhav meeting the dean. The latter shows him an article which talks about Gungun’s nomination for the World Press award. She says that she’s proud that their Institution’s scientist is Gungun’s husband which irks Anubhav. Dean wants to invite Gungun and honor her and asks when she will be available. Anubhav says that he doesn’t about her working schedule. He used to ask her before, but not anymore. Dean asks Anubhav why he is talking like that and reminds Anubhav about what Gungun did for him. Anubhav says that he remembers that she saved his life, but she can’t become her slave for that. He says that Gungun has changed, she isn’t the girl he loved.

She doesn’t have time for him or his family, she doesn’t even time to have a baby and wants to adopt a baby. He says that she talks like he is her office assistance. Dean says that they both should be proud of each other achievements instead of getting jealous. She asks to give Gungun a chance. Anubhav refuses to always compromise. He says that he and his family saw Gungun’s true face. She could be a successful woman in business, but she is a failure as wife. He says that he can’t be proud of her achievements as his family had to pay big for that. He angrily leaves.

The chairman comes to Gungun with the Sabudana vada that his wife made for Gungun. He invites her on the party organized for Gungun for being nominated for World Press Award. Gungun refuses saying that she’s not in mood. The chairman asks to come at least for the one

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