Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 16th July 2022 Written Update: Anubhav meets with an accident

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 16th July 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Anubhav going to at the airport to find Akriti asking Ankit to stay with Gungun as Golu won’t be able to handle if her condition worsen. Gaikwad’s man informs the same to him. Gaikwad orders his man to kill Anubhav. Anubhav is on the way in the car. Shankar phones Anubhav and asks about Akriti.

Anubhav says that they had fought and Akriti left. Shankar asks Akriti caught him with Gungun. Anubhav says yes. Shankar scolds him. He threatens to kill him and Gungun if anything happens to Akriti. He asks Anubhav to find Akriti and brings her to him.

Anubhav looks at the holy thread around his wrist and recalls Gungun tying it. He notices a car following them and asks the driver to go fast. He obliges. Anubhav removes the holy threat. Just then Anubhav notices a truck and gets shocked. The truck hits Anubhav’s car.

Gungun wakes up startled saying Anubhav. She gets worried about Anubhav and tries to call him. She says to Golu that she’s getting weird feeling about Anubhav. She says that she’s unable to contact him and asks Golu and Ankit to call. Ankit tries to call Anubhav and says that his phone is unreachable.

Gungun regrets sending Anubhav alone and is scared that Anubhav might be in any danger. Gungun says that she should have stayed at Prakash’s house. Ankit says that Anubhav might be with Akriti. Golu tries to call Akriti and says that her phone is also unreachable. Gungun cries and says that maybe Anubhav got attacked again. Golu tries to reassure her and suggests calling commissioner.

Gungun calls commissioner. She apologizes to call him in the late night. She says that Anubhav is missing. She narrates everything that happened in the hotel and seeks his help to save Anubhav. Commissioner says that they should have left Anubhav go alone. He says that the good news is that they caught the person who mixed poison in Anubhav’s juice. He says that they will make him speak when it needed.

Gaikwad man informs him that the work is done. Ranvijay gets happy and asks for any video as proof. Gaikwad says that if he says the work is done means it’s done. Police is trying to trace Anubhav’s phone and they have traced only his driver’s phone. Just then they learn that in the same place an accident happened. Gungun gets stunned on learning about this.

Police reach the accident spot. The inspector informs commissioner that they bought a body in bad condition and couldn’t find Anubhav. The commissioner asks the car condition. The inspector says that the car engine might blasted due to the accident.

Commissioner says that passengers can’t be saved in this case. Other Gungun, Golu and Ankit are on the way. Gungun says that police said that a big accident happened. She cries and asks why she’s so unlucky that the people she loves go away from her.

Shankar phones Akriti. Shankar says that he got to know what after talking with Anubhav ans says that she is finding him and asks to not answer his calls. Akriti says that Anubhav won’t find her and must be returned to Gungun. She says that she wants to talk to Gungun. Akriti calls Gungun and asks where Anubhav is.

Gungun says that Anubhav is missing. Akriti says that she’s lying. Gungun says that she wishes that it’s a lie. She says that Anubhav met with an accident when he went to find her. Akriti blames Gungun and scolds her. She warns ti not spare Gungun if anything happens to Anubhav.

The commissioner reaches the accident spot. He discuss with the inspector and says that it’s planned murder. He says that they killed Anubhav and might have taken the body with them. Just then Gungun, Goli and Ankit reach there and look for Anubhav. Commissioner says that they could find only the driver’s body, Anubhav’s body is missing. Gungun says that Anubhav is alive.

Commissioner says that someone intentionally attacked on Anubhav’s car to murder him. He says that they done the work brilliantly and took Anubhav’s body with them. Gungun cries and says that Anubhav is alive. Commissioner says that they don’t know and assures to find Anubhav in 24 hours if he is alive. Ankit says that he must have got down the cab on his way. Gungun says that he must have returned to the hotel in that case. Akriti comes there looking for Anubhav.

Commissioner says that she’s missing. Akriti blames Gungun for Anubhav’s missing and asks to arrest her. Ankit scolds Akriti and blames her. Golu asks them to stop arguing and trying to find Anubhav. Akriti argues with Golu and says that she will call Charudatt and told everything. Golu says to not tell him as he won’t be able to bear it. Akriti and Golu argue about this.

The episode ends..

Precap: Golu phones Charudatt and informs him about Anubhav’s accident. Charudatt gets shocked hearing this. Gungun finds Anubhav’s holy thread and cries.

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