Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 20th June 2022 Written Update: Akriti catches Gungun

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The episode starts with Prakash saying to Gungun that his relative works in the hospital in which Anubhav is hospitalized and he get her in with the help of her. Gungun says that the problem isn’t hospital staff, but Akriti and Charudatt, they won’t let her in. Prakash suggests Gungun going inside the hospital dressed up like a nurse and adds that he explained his relative about the same. Prakash’s mother says that Parkash told her everything last night, she visited the temple ti pray for Gungun and Anubhav’s togetherness forever.

Gungun says that she can’t ask Anubhav for herself as she can’t snatch someone else’s right. Prakash says that he doesn’t understand her big talks and says that they all have a one life, so they should leave it for themselves. Prakash mom says Gungun to get ready fast to go to the hospital.

The nurse says to Anubhav that three men has come to meet him. He asks to let them in. Golu, Ankit and Yug meet Anubhav. Golu says that Government decided to give an award to Gungun for her bravery. Yug says that Government doing which our family should do. Anubhav wishes that Gungun could be here now. Yug says that he will be discharged the next day.

Anubhav says that the one who got the award is missing. Golu says that he talked to Gungun last night, she said that she’s living in some relative’s house else he would have made her stay in the hotel they’re staying in spite of Akriti’s disapproval. Anubhav says to not take her Akriti’s name in front of him.

Yug says that no use of talking about this now as he got married to her. Anubhav says that he doesn’t love Akriti. Anubhav says them to call Gungun. Golu says that no use of it as Akriti and Charudatt won’t let Gungun to meet him. Anubhav wonders when this problem will end. Yug and Ankit say him that they can talk about it later and Anubhav should focus on resting now.

Gungun is on the way in the autoricshaw. Gungun is sad that she has to meet her husband secretly. Prakash says that there’s fun in meeting her/his love secretly. Akriti, Charudatt and Chandru come to meet Anubhav. The nurse stops them saying that the patient refused to allow anyone in without his permission.

Charudatt says that no one can stop him from meeting his son and goes in. He sees Golu and his gang and question why they didn’t tell him before coming here. Golu saus that they had an happy news. Akriti says that it must be about Gungun, but Gungun can’t come here. She says that she will ban Gungun’s entry by talking to the hospital management.

Anubhav says that she won’t do it as he will decide who should meet him. Akriti says that she will decide who should meet her husband. Anubhav asks who gave her that right. Charudatt says that he gave her that right. He says that Gungun can’t meet him neither here nor in lucknow. Anubhav says that they can’t stop meeting them.

Charudatt scolds Anubhav. The nurse says them to wait outside as she has to give the patient the medicine. Anubhav refuses to have any medicine despite nurse saying that he will get infection. Golu tries to convince Anubhav.

The latter stops Golu and says that no one should convince and threatens to leave the hospital and go far away if they force him. Charudatt says that Anubhav lost his mind in Gungun’s love. Golu says to Charudatt that Anubhav needs to have medicine and requests to let Gungun meet Anubhav until he gets well. Akriti refuses. Yug asks Akriti if it’s her stubbornness important or Anubhav’s health.

Akriti says that Anubhav is stubbornness not her. Ankit asks if Akriti doesn’t want Anubhav to get well. Akriti says that she wants him to get well, but she won’t bove down in front of his emotional blackmail. He will have the medicines without meeting Gungun. Charudatt agrees with Akriti and says to feed Anubhav by force with hospital staffs help, but he can’t meet Gungun.

Akriti and Charudatt request the manager to ban Gungun’s entry in the hospital as Gungun is trying to break Akriti and Anubhav’s relation. The manager says that they can’t ban anyone, but they can convert the ICU in which Anubhav is to a private room where people who have permission and authority can enter. Charudatt and Akriti get happy and thanks him.

A nurse enters Anubhav’s ward. Anubhav asks her to meet Gungun. The nurse says that he can’t meet her. Anubhav asks why. Gungun removes her mask and says that because Gungun already met him. Anubhav gets elated on seeing Gungun. The latter feeds him Kitchadi. Akriti comes there and sees Gungun. She asks how Gungun dared to come here. She calls out Charudatt. The latter and all come in and is surprised to see Gungun. Charudatt scolds Gungun. Gungun says that she hasn’t thought that their stubbornness is more important than Anubhav.

Akriti slaps Gungun shocking Anubhav. Anubhav asks his she dared to slap Gungun. Akriti says that like Gungun dared to meet her husband secretly. Akriti threatens to make this matter a big issue. Anubhav warns her to not do anything like that. He feels pain and shout. He coughs. Gungun gets worried for Anubhav. Akriti says that enough of Anubhav’s emotional blackmail. She gets determined to teach Gungun a lesson.

Akriti calls the doctor and says that Gungun has come to meet her husband secretly dressed up as nurse. She demands the doctor to take action against Gungun and the persons who helped her. She asks to call the police. Golu says to Charudatt to stop Akriti. Charudatt says that Gungun did wrong with them and the hospital, so she should be punished.

The episode ends.

Precap: Manager sees the name on Gungun’s uniform and says that it has been a month she left the job. Akriti says that Gungun stole this uniform so she should be charged for this too. Gungun says that she will tell to media everything. Anubhav says that he will also tell police that she slapped Gungun. He only loves Gungun and Akriti can’t separate them.

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