Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 23rd June 2022 Written Update: Anubhav gets dejected

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 23rd June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Akriti asking Anubhav to have his medicine. She says that Gungun won’t come to feed him the medicine. Anubhav says that he will have the medicine since he had promised to Gungun and he wants to live for her. Akriti shouts that she had enough of hearing Gungun’s name.

Anubhav irritates Akriti by repeating Gungun’s name. Akriti angrily leaves. Anubhav phones Gungun. She doesn’t answer his call. Anubhav understands that someone must have asked to not speak to him. He refuses to let Gungun go away from him. He sneaks out of the house while all is sleeping.

Ranvijay comes to Gungun’s house. Gungun’ asks him if he still loves her. Ranvijay replies positively and says that he missed her lot. Anubhav comes there and stops at the doorstep overhearing Gungun and Ranvijay’s talk. Gungun notices Anubhav. Ranvijay says that he did everything out of love for her, his love for her increased after seeing her bravery. He says that he is proud to say that he loves her more than before. Gungun asks Ranvijay if he can marry her.

Ranvijay says that he is dying to marry her. He moves closer to her. Gungun stops him. She says that she’s also ready to marry him, they just need family’s consent. Anubhav gets devasted on hearing this. He wonders if Gungun wants to marry Ranvijay, why she claimed to to love him and fought for him. Ranvijay says that he doesn’t mind if their families don’t agree, he only wants her.

Anubhav says that Gungun didn’t receive his calls to marry Ranvijay, who handed him to the terrorists. He says that he can forgive Ranvijay as he did it out of his hatred for him. He says that Gungun failed to keep neither her promise nor her love. He thinks that Akriti was right about Gungun, she did everything for publicity. He says that he hates Gungun. Anubhav walks way.

Gungun says to Ranvijay to wait and comes out and sees Anubhav leaving. She says sorry to Anubhav for hurting him. She says that their relations wouldn’t have broken if she hadn’t hurt him and if it didn’t happen, his family would fall apart. She cries.

Kulshreshths learn that Anubhav isn’t at home and wonder where he has gone. Golu says that he might have gone to meet Gungun. Charudatt scolds him for speaking negatively. Sunanada requests Charudatt to not scold Anubhav when he will return. Charudatt recalls his plea to Gungun and thinks that she didn’t listen to him. Akriti starts her tantrums.

Charudatt is about to leave for Gungun’s house. Just then Anubhav comes back home. Family asks Anubhav where he has gone and says that they were worried for him. Sargam scolds him for getting drenched in the rain. Sunanda brings a towel for Anubhav. Akriti asks Anubhav if he has gone to meet Gungun. Anubhav agrees.

Akriti says to Charudatt that she didn’t get her rights to be Anubhav’s wife here so she’s leaving the house. Charudatt says Akriti to stop. Charudatt slaps Anubhav and shouts. Goli stops him. Charudatt is about to walk away. Anubhav stops him holding his hand. He gets on his knee and apologizes to Charudatt for what he did and said to him.

He promises Charudatt to not meet Gungun hereafter. Akriti says that he already made a swear on Charudatt and broke it and asks how they can believe that he won’t his promise again. Anubhav says that because he made this promise to himself. He says that there was a storm in his life and now it left and he can see clearly. He returns to his family and wants to apologize to them. Chandru asks Golu what happened to Anubhav, why he is talking like this.

Anubhav says to his family to not ask him any question and says that he will try his best to not give them any opportunity to complaint. Charudatt recalls his request yo Gungun and understands that Gungun accepted his request. Yug asks if Gungun and Anubhav fought. Golu says that something else happened.

After learning what happened Garima says to Gungun that she did wrong with Anubhav and herself by accepting Charudatt request. Gungun says that Charudatt would have killed himself if she didn’t do it. Garima says that Anubhav and Gungun loved each other and she can’t decide alone to break this relation. Other side Anubhav breaks down.

The episode ends.

Precap: Charudatt says to Chandru that Gungun is going to be honored with an award by the government for her bravery. He shows the newspaper to Chandru. Chandru says that Gungun deserve this award. Charudatt says that their family name is mentioned after Gungun’s name. Akriti says that Government invited their family to the award ceremony.

Charudatt says that they won’t attend this function. Sargam asks Anubhav if he will attend Gungun’s award ceremony. Chandru says that Anubhav should decide it by himself. Anubhav thinks that he is happy for Gungun, but why he should go when she’s going to marry Ranvijay.

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