Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 24th June 2022 Written Update: Gungun breaks down in tears

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 24th June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Gungun saying to Garima that she knows that Anubhav is hurt, but he can be fine in some time. Akriti can take her place in his heart, but she can’t fill his family place in Anubhav’s life. Anubhav can’t be happy without his family. Garima asks what about Anubhav’s happiness, his happiness is with her. Gungun says that family is with Akriti.

Garima says that she understands this and asks why she wants to marry Ranvijay. Gungun says to keep Anubhav away from her. She won’t be able to stop him from coming to her if she stays unmarried. Garima says that she will find a good match for her, Ranvijay will destroy her life. Gungun says that this deal is profitable if her destruction is beneficial for Anubhav.

Ankit asks Anubhav what happened to him. Yug asks if he fought with Gungun. Golu asks reason behind his decision. Anubhav says that he doesn’t want to talk about it. Golu says that if he fought with Gungun, he should end the fight, not the relation.

Anubhav says that it’s not any relation, but a just joke. Golu asks to say clearly what happened. Anubhav says to them what happened. The three refuse to believe that Gungun can do this. Ankit says that maybe she did it deliberately, Anubhav says that Gungun isn’t aware that he was going there and Ranvijay was present before he reached there.

Gungun says that Anubhav hates Ranvijay, so if he marries Ranvijay, Anubhav will hates her. Garima asks if he can bear the hatred of the person whom she loves. Gungun says that she doesn’t have any other option. Garima says that poor Anubhav will scold Gungun and regret all his life loving her.

Gungun says that she’s aware that the whole world will misunderstand her, but she hopes that someone understand her, so she told her everything. She requests Garima to not tell this to anyone especially Anubhav. Garima says that Gungun won’t be able to live without Anubhav.

Gungun says that she will spend her whole life with Anubhav’s memories. Here Golu can’t believe that Gungun and Anubhav’s love story can have this type of end. Ankit says that they should talk to Gungun once. Yug and Golu agree with him. Golu decides to talk to Gungun the next day. Anubhav refuses. He says that Gungun never loved him, but he loved her and this is his mistake.

Golu asks if whatever Gungun did for him in Mumbai were time pass. Anubhav saye that Gungun is marrying Ranvijay who is responsible for his kidnapping. Police arrested him for the same, she is going to marry him despite knowing this. She says to them that they got their answers and asks to leave him alone.

Reporters have arrived at the Kulshreshths to take Anubhav’s interview. Charudatt and Chandru say to Anubhav to meet Mishra ji first. Anubhav obliges. The ladies of the house discuss about Anubhav leaving Gungun and gives the credit to Akriti’s vermillion’s power. They tease Akriti where she’s going to honeymoon with Anubhav.

Akriti blushee when Goli talks about good news. In the night Anubhav comes to his room and finds it decorated. Nithi and Chavi close the door and runs away. Akriti says that Anubhav got drenched in the rain, so she brought turmeric milk for him. Anubhav drinks it. Akriti stops Anubhav and hugs him. Anubhav hugs her back and smiles. Akriti says that now she believes that he really came back to her. She asks if he is only hers.

Anubhav says yes. Akriti kisses Anubhav’s hand and thanks him. Akriti tries to get romantic with Anubhav. The latter stops her saying that someone is at the doorstep. Akriti says that it doesn’t matter as no one can seperate them. Anubhav gives the excuse of having headache to avoid Akriti. The latter says that it might be due to the medicine’s effects. She asks him to sleep.

Anubhav gers sad remembering Gungun. He thinks that he can’t go away from Gungun’s memories despite going away from her. He thinks that he feels her touch when he touches Akriti. Gungun asks Anubhav if he slept. Anubhav say no. Akriti says that she should call Gungun and say that she can’t separate them despite all her efforts.

Gungun is crying for breaking Anubhav’s heart. She says that he also broke her heart by accepting that she deceived him without questioning her. She says that she doesn’t have rights neither on his love nor his hatred. She breaks down. She receives Akriti’s call.

She answers it and asks why she called her after getting her husband. Akriti taunts Gungun and advises her to get married. She makes Gungun feels jealous lying that they started their marriage and she called her to share this good news. She disconnects the call while Gungun looks on shocked.

The episode ends.

Precap: Charudatt says to Chandru that Gungun is going to be honored with an award by the government for her bravery. He shows the newspaper to Chandru. Chandru says that Gungun deserve this award. Charudatt says that their family name is mentioned after Gungun’s name. Akriti says that Government invited their family to the award ceremony.

Charudatt says that they won’t attend this function. Sargam asks Anubhav if he will attend Gungun’s award ceremony. Chandru says that Anubhav should decide it by himself. Anubhav thinks that he is happy for Gungun, but why he should go when she’s going to marry Ranvijay and start her life, so he should not go there.

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