Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 26th July 2022 Written Update: Anubhav and Gungun hit and miss

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 26th July 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Charudatt asking Pradyush to take care of Goli. Pradyush assures to full his responsibility. Goli meets her family and gets emotional while biding adieu to them. Gungun and Armaan are the way in the car. Armaan says that Gungun may feel weird to come daily to Mumbai to visit the fishermen’s locality. He says that he come here first with her girlfriend as she worked in a NGO. As she is no more, he wanted the next story Agrima to start from here and moreover his mom also like to do something for women.

Gungun remembers Anubhav and misses him. She halluinates him sitting beside her. Gungun says to Anubhav that she’s going to distribute Anubhav’s favorite cupcake to distribute in the fishermen locality to always keep him near her. Anubhav asks if he should appreciate her by kissing her on her cheek. Gungun laughs. Armaan notices this in the rear mirror.

At the fishermen locality, Vina mom scolds Vina and asks her study for her college semester instead of dancing someone else’s wedding. A lady named Sarita comes and asks Vina mom why she’s forcing Vina when she doesn’t want to study. Vina mom says that she couldn’t study, so she wishes that her daughter study. Anubhav sits with Vina who is studying. Vina says Anubhav to sit quietly as he won’t understand anything. Sarita asks Vina mom if she saw any alliance for Vina.

Vina mom says that she will find after Vina completes her study. Sarita says that she already has good guy in the house. Vina mom says that they don’t know about his family background, whether he is married or not. She says that she wants a educated guy for Vina. Anubhav gives correct answer for the question that Vina is studying surprising Vina and her mom. Sarita says that he is educated so she can get married Vina to him.

Vina asks Anubhav if he likes to stay with her. Anubhav nods yes. Vina asks him to promise to stay always with her. Anubhav agrees but asks them to promise to not throw him out of the house as he doesn’t know anyone here. They agree. Vina mom worries about Vina’s future. Anubhav assures her to help Vina to get passed.

Gungun and Armaan reach the fishermen locality and start distributing chocolate and cupcakes. Vina learns this and leaves taking Anubhav with her to get chocolate and cupcakes to the children. Armaan gets a call and says to Gungun that they should leave as they have an urgent meeting. A boy says to Gungun to wait for Vina and Madhav. Gungun says that they will leave after giving them chocolate and pancakes else they will feel bad.

Armaan says to given their chocolate and cupcakes to the other children, they will give them. Gungun does so. Anubhav reach there, but Anubhav and Gungun fail to see each other. Gungun and Armaan drive off. Anubhav and Vina are given cupcakes and chocolate saying that Gungun gave them. Anubhav gets flashes of blurred Gungun hearing her name. He gets pain in his head and faints.

Akriti decides to leave Kulshreshths house forever shocking the family. Golu advises Akriti to join her job and try to fulfill incomplete dreams of Anubhav and this family instead of leaving the house. Akriti reacts angrily. She says that she can’t stop leaving her life for Anubhav who made her cry. She says that she doesn’t want to fulfill the rights of a daughter-in-law for their family when Anubhav never considered her as his wife. She leaves.

The episode ends.

Precap: Gungun meets Vina and her mother regarding interview for Agrima magazine. She shows her cover photo on the magazine and says that Vina’s photo can also be printed on the cover page. Later Vina mom shows the magazine to Anubhav. Anubhav recognizes Gungun and says that he knows her.

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