Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 26th May 2022 Written Update: Gungun advices Akriti

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The episode starts with Gungun says that if Ranvijay is waiting in the front gate then Anubhav goes through there is a chance Ranvijay will see him. Anubhav tells that he dont think that he can able to hide the truth. He adds that he is ready to face the wrath of Charu. Garima tells that she don’t want both of them to face any troubles. She also says that Akriti will question him. Gungun asks Garima why she is supporting them instead of her daughter Akriti.

Garima says to Gungun that Akriti is her daughter but Gungun is her everything. Garima tells they have to do something to make Anubhav leave without anyone seeing them. Gungun says if Anubhav goes out then he will get caught so they have to hide him in the house only and decides to hide him in Ridesh’s room. They hears a door bell so Garima urges them to hide. She also tells them to come out after she asks them to. They both obliges. Garima opens the door. Akriti questions what is she doing here.

Garima says Gungun is alone because Maya went to USA so she came here to see Gungun. She then asks what is she doing here. She also greets Akriti. Akriti asks is Anubhav is here. Garima says no and invites them inside the house. They both goes inside. Meanwhile Anubhav apologises to Gungun for everything. Gungun tells him first she was hiding her vermilion and now her husband.

Anubhav promises Gungun to reveal their relationship to everyone real soon also make her as his wife and take her every where with the rights he have but it will take some time so pleads Gungun to support him. Gungun agrees. Charu tells Garima that they get an information Anubhav is here to meet Gungun. They have also learnt Anubhav is not in the institute so they are here to see him and asks Garima to call Anubhav.

Garima lies to them that Anubhav is not here then how could she able to call him. Akriti asks is she saying the truth. Garima tells she is not going to get anything by lying in this matter. Akriti questions where is Gungun. Garima says she is in her room. Akriti decides to go to Gungun’s room but Garima stops her so Akriti tells that she is hiding something that’s why she is stopping her from going to Gungun’s room.

Garima says it’s not like that but Akriti determines to go to Gungun’s room. Garima calls out Gungun saying Akriti is here to meet her. Gungun asks Anubhav to hide inside the cupboard until she asks him to come out ask him to stay there. Anubhav obliges and hides himself. Gungun locks Ridesh’s room door then goes downstairs. Akriti goes towards Gungun’s room but stops when Gungun calls her.

Akriti asks her what is she doing upstairs. Gungun says that she is in Ridesh’s room whenever she misses him she goes to his room. Gungun asks why is she here. Akriti asks Gungun when she is going to get married because of her her husband’s name is also dragging with her. Gungun asks Akriti to not to interfere in her personal life then takes her to her room.

Gungun opens the room door and gets relieved. She asks Akriti what she wants to talk to her. Akriti asks Gungun to tell Anubhav if he either calls her or comes to her house then not to meet her. Gungun asks Akriti to say it on her own because Anubhav is her husband.

Akriti says that she tried it but he is not understanding what the society will say if he meets another girl after getting married that’s why she is asking her to tell Anubhav. Gungun tells Akriti that she dont think Anubhav will call her or comes to meet her. Akriti decides to leave the room but finds Anubhav’s kerchief which shocks Gungun. Gungun tells Akriti that its Anubhav’s he must have left when the last time he visited here. She also praises Akriti for finding Anubhav’s kerchief.

Akriti asks Gungun is she sure its Anubhav’s last visit only he left this here and says that she loves her husband and they both are husband and wife so she is not worried about anything. Gungun questions then why she looks scared and tells her if they love each other no one can separate them and if there is no love between a couple even if the entire world tries they can’t unite them. Akriti says to Gungun that she trusts Anubhav but if she finds he is betraying her then she wont spare him also end his career.

Gungun gets shocked and tells Akriti the one who we love they have to live for their happiness unlike what she is telling now. Akriti asks her to shut up and asks Gungun to tell Anubhav that her house door is closed for him forever. Gungun says that this house door will be open for the guests because that’s that her father taught her so she will never say or do to Anubhav or anyone.

Akriti leaves the place. In Kulshreshth’s house Charu tells the family members that Ranvijay lied to them. The family members gets happy and says that they know Anubhav will never go against his family. Anubhav comes to house. Charu asks him where he went. Anubhav says for workshop. Akriti says why he didn’t informed them.

Charu says that’s the reason they can’t able to contact him. Anubhav says yes because the workshop conducted in a rural area and asks them why they are asking this. Charu tells they learnt Anubhav isn’t in institute so they thought.. Anubhav interrupts and asks Angrily they though he went to meet Gungun right? Sargam warns him not to raise his voice. Akriti asks Anubhav to inform them before he goes anywhere. Anubhav agrees.

Anubhav tells his family members that he is going out of lucknow for a seminar which is supposed to be conducted in Kashmir but due to weather conditions conducting it in Mumbai. The family members suggests him to take Akriti with him but Anubhav refuses saying he is going there for his work purpose and refuses to give into Akriti’s persuasion also the family members requests. He also promises Akriti to take her to honeymoon after he returns from Mumbai. Akriti gets upset.

The next day Garima tells Gungun that she dont think she is doing right by going to Mumbai with Anubhav at this time especially when the family members of Anubhav and Ranvijay are after them. Gungun tells Garima that its Anubhav’s idea and they have to use this opportunity to learn more about one another. She then feels guilty for betraying Akriti but Garima tells that Akriti don’t love Anubhav it’s her obsession only so asks not to feel guilty.

Ranvijay questions Gungun where is she going. Garima lies she is taking her with her to the temple to donate things. Ranvijay calls Akriti and tells her the same. He also learns Anubhav is not in lucknow too. Gungun comes with Garima. Anubhav apologises to Garima for betraying Akriti but Garima advices him to disclose their relationship to everyone so that Akriti will able to move on in her life. Anubhav obliges. Garima blesses both of them and unites their hand. Anubhav and Gungun looks at each other.

Precap: Akriti tells the family members about Garima taking Gungun to the temple but she is having a suitcase with her. She then says that she wants to go to Mumbai and asks Charu’s permission and says she is ready to go alone but if anyone wants to accompany her then they can. Golu and his gang looks on.

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