Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 30th May 2022 Written Update: Ranjvijay plans to kidnap Anubhav

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The episode starts with Anubhav leaving in the car for the conference. Ranjvijay’s men sees this and informs Ranjvijay that Anubhav left the hotel alone. Ranjvijay understands that Anubhav left for the conference and Gungun must be alone. He instructs his men to message him the hotel address and go to find Anubhav’s room number. Other side Gungun comes out of the washroom after taking a shower and fills her hairline with vermillion. In the hotel’s reception, Ranjvijay’s men says to the receptionist that they have a parcel for Anubhav and asked to hand it to him or his wife Gungun.

The receptionist phones Gungun and tells her the same. Gungun remembers that Anubhav strictly told her to go downstairs or open the room door in his absence, so shr said to the receptionist to tell them to come evening. The receptionist says the same to Ranjvijay’s’s men. The latters phone Ranjvijay and says that they couldn’t find Anubhav’s room number, but they confirmed that Anubhav and Gungun stay together in the same room and she’s alone in the room. Ranjvijay says to his men to kidnap Anubhav and says to do it before he arrives at Mumbai.

Golu and his gang and Akriti are on the way in the car. Akriti is in the call with Anubhav’s colleague, Rishi. She gets from him the address of the hotel in which Anubhav stays and says that they’re coming to surprise him and asks to not say it to Anubhav. Golu says to his gang that they should let Akriti check the hotel in which Anubhav stays. Golu asks Akriti if she’s planning to stay in the hotel where Anubhav stays to which Akriti says yes. Golu says that Anubhav must be staying in five star hotel and they can’t afford staying in such costly hotel. He suggests staying in another hotel and calls Anubhav there. His ganga grees with him. Akriti asks what’s the problem if she pays the money. Golu says that they don’t like she spend her money. Yug says that whoever spend the money, it’s their money and they don’t spend lot of money. Akriti requests them to agree for her sake.

Anubhav finishes giving his speech in the conference. Few students thank Anubhav for his speech and click photos with him. Anubhav excuses himself from them to make a call. He phones Gungun and asks if she wasn’t bored. Gungun says that she was very bored and could have attended his seminar. Anubhav says that she should have to hear his speech. Gungun says that she would have imagined him singing a song. She asks how was the seminar. He says that it was good. He says that he has sent a car to pick her up as all are waiting to meet his wife. Gungun says about two men bringing parcel for him and she asked them to come evening. Anubhav says that she did good. He asks if she had lunch to which Gungun says no.

Anubhav scolds her for skipping lunch. Gungun thinks that she likes that Anubhav feeds her. Anubhav says her to order food for herself else he will do it. Gungun says him to go ahead, but she will have it when he will feed her as after returning Lucknow she doesn’t know when he can feed her. Anubhav teases her. Gungun gets angry. He says sorry and says to have food and come fast. Two professor ask Anubhav if he was in call with his wife. Anubhav says that yes and adds that she’s alone in the hotel. They ask why he didn’t bring her. Anubhav says that he will bring her for cultural events.

Ranjvijay and his friend get ready to leave for Mumbai. Ranjvijay shares with his friend and that he is behind Gungun for money and will teach her lesson once she signs the marriage certificate. Akriti and Golu’s gang reach the hotel. Golu stops Akriti from going to the reception and says that he will check room availability with Yug and Ankit. However Akriti follows them till the reception. Golu sends her back saying that Nithi and Kushi must be scared to be alone in the new place. Golu asls the receptionist Anubhav’s room number. The receptionist says Anubhav’s room number. Ankit asks if he is staying with anyone, but Golu stops him. He asks if any 3, 4 rooms are available.

The receptionist says that yes, they are available in the same floor. They decide to book those rooms to avoid Akriti talking to the receptionist again. Gungun gets ready and she receives call from the reception that her car has come. Nithi suggests Akriti getting Anubhav’s room’s duplicate key to surprise him. Akriti says that Anubhav will return evening only as there’s some cultural events so she will surprise him by going there. Gungun is walking on the corridor talking over phone with Anubhav. Gungun shouts as her foot slips. Akriti hears this and she’s sure that she heard Gungun’s voice and goes to find her. Nidhi tries to stop her, but in vain. Akriti fails to see Gungun as she gets into the car.

The episode ends.

Precap: In the event Gungun and Akriti get on the stage when Anubhav’s wife is called to the stage. They both look shocked on seeing each other.

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