Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 4th June 2022 Written Update: Gungun determines to find Anubhav

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 4th June 2022 Written Update On Tellyexpress.com

Episode starts with Anubhav’s family getting worried for him. They thinks that he won’t come back and decides to ask Dean about him. Whereas, Gungun also gets worried for Anubhav and decides to call the Dean. Meanwhile, Anubhav gets conscious and gets shocked seeing the terrorists. The commander ask Anubhav to accept their deal in order to save his life. Whereas, the latter says that he can sacrifice his life to save the country.

Here, Akriti calls the Dean and ask about Anubhav, to which the latter says that she doesn’t know about him. The Dean ask if everything is fine? To which Akriti tells that Anubhav was worried about something and then left the house. She tells about the incident, to which Dean makes her understand that Anubhav is sensitive and states that she should have talked to him alone instead of creating drama at the stage.

The leader ask Anubhav to eat but he denies. The leader threatens Anubhav for his life and warns to kill him. He ask Anubhav to give the formula of bomb, to which the latter denies. They shows him the picture of Gungun and threatens to kill her. Whereas, Anubhav gets furious and ask to keep her away from the matter.

Elsewhere, Commander speaks ill about Gungun while Anubhav gets furious and tries to hit him, but Commander bring his gun out and points it at Anubhav. The leader stops commander and takes it away from there. Whereas, Dean ma’am calls Gungun and tells that she didn’t get any information about Anubhav. She advice Gungun to come back from Mumbai, while she determines to find him before returning.

Gungun calls the manager and ask his help to find his husband, whereas he gets confused and ask about Akriti being Anubhav’s wife. He questions Gungun about the matter which irks her and scolds him. She warns him to ruin his hotel’s reputation, while he gets scared and agrees to help him. She ask him to take her to the police station, while he tells her about the complications. She agrees to face everything in order to find her husband.

Ahead, the leader tries to scare Anubhav but he faces him bravely. He shoots at Anubhav but misses the target. He proclaims to have Gungun and use her, while Anubhav gets angry and ask them to stay away from her. They tries to bride Anubhav, but he stays firm on his decision. He vows not to leak any information.

The leader again and again tries to convince Anubhav but he declines their offer and ask them to kill him. He gets ready to sacrifice his life for the country. Meanwhile, Gungun reaches the police station in order to take their help to find Anubhav. She tells about his missing, while the police laughs at her complaint. Gungun gets furious at the police and complains about him to the inspector. She tells him about the matter, while the inspector takes her inside his cabin.

Further, Bade Papa ask Akriti about Anubhav, to which she says that no one knows about him. She says that he must be with Gungun, to which Bade Papa denies. He takes a stand for Anubhav, while she looks at him.

Precap:- Anubhav’s family worries about him, while Akriti taunts him for having two wives. Whereas, the inspector notify Gungun about the terrorist gang and says that they kidnaps scientists. She gets shocked and becomes tensed for Anubhav’s safety.

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