Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 7th February 2022 Written Update: Gungun shares her dislikes for Anubhav to Chavi

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The episode starts with the bus driver asks who brought 14 guests. Sunanda comes there and tells that she is the one who invites them. She then tells the ladies Golu asked for Aloo poori. Goli gets irritated and scolds him but Sunanda asks her not to talk like this. Sunanda goes inside and asks Sargam and Neeti when her family members are coming to which they both tells that they will directly come to the award ceremony.

Sunanda gets upset but Goli tells after award ceremony they all together have to eat aloo poori which Neeti and Sargam agrees. They all pack the food. Later the Kulshreshth’s ladies searches for Anu and asks Chandru who tells he doesn’t know and asks Charu but he also tells he also doesn’t know where Anu went. Yug comes there and tells his family that Anu’s friend took him somewhere and he will reach the award ceremony on time.

Other side Vicky takes Anubhav to a dark room and tells he needs to fix the fuse. Anubhav jokes saying that he is a Scientist but not only in his house but also in his neighborhood also his friends wants him to fix the fuse to rectify the power cut and puts the fuse in its place. The light switches on but Anu gets surprised seeing his colleagues are there and they all claps happily. Vicky tells they are helding a small party to honor him.

Anubhav goes to where the girl name Akruti Saxena is and tells these are not necessary but the latter tells it is because he has made all of them proud. Anu thanks her but Akruti gets upset because he is calling her by her full name and asks him to cal her only Akruti. Anu forces a smile. He then cuts the cake and feed it to Akruti and Vicky. Akruti admires him from far. Gungun and her family arrives at the Kulshreshth’s house. Ridesh stops seeing so many people inside the house. Both Garima and Gungun also stops seeing so many people.

Gungun tells Ridesh that she thinks something happened to someone so its better they can leave and turns around. Ridesh stops Gungun and tells they will see what’s happening so Gungun agrees to go inside the house. Sargam tells Charu and family Ridesh and family is here. Ridesh greets everyone. He then asks Charu is something went wrong that’s why there is so many people. Charu laughs and tells they all are here to attend Anubhav’s award ceremony. Gungun doesn’t understand so she asks what he is saying to Charu. The latter tells Gungun that all of them here are their relations and friends who is here to attend the award ceremony in English.

Gungun asks Charu that te is good at English then why he isn’t talking to which Charu tells that talking to people on their own language gives an immense happiness like when a child sleeps on his or her mother’s lap. Chandru tells Gungun that she looks pretty. Gungun also calls him handsome. Golu comes there and talks to Gungun. Chavi comes there and hugs Gungun. Yug tells Charu to go to the award ceremony in Ankit and Khushi’s car but Charu refuses and tells that he will go in the bus and asks Chandru to go in the car.

Charu and Chandru gets into an argument. Ridesh suggests them there is space for two people in his car and asks Charu to come with him. For another person someone takes Goli’s name to which Golu tells if she sits then there will be no space left for another person to sit in the car. Goli comes there and scolds Golu for his statement. Gungun asks Chavi is she going to thr award ceremony in the bus.

Chavi says yes so Gungun asks Ridesh to let her travel in the bus. Chandru tells she will get uncomfortable because she never travelled in a bus but Garima tells she will get used to it. Ridesh gives permission to Gungun which makes her happy. Charu tells Ridesh that he may not have earned more money but what he earned is this family. They all leaves the house to go to the award ceremony when the driver asks them shall they start the journey.

Akrukti’s friend tells her that for special someone only they will plan surprise like this and asks her what’s happening to which Akruti looks at Anu then tells her friends that she is her senior but her friends tells that senior can he special someone too. Anubhav looks back at Akruti and approaches her which makes her friends to leave the place.

Anubhav tells Akruti that he knows she wants to do Ph.D for that he asks her to work hard and not to lose her concentration because she will have so much time in the future which will give her time to enjoy but this time is to focus on her dreams. He then leaves with his friend Vicky to thr auditorium for his award ceremony. Gungun along with Chavi and other relatives board on the bus. Charu tells Ridesh that Gungun may not have realised what is she doing but her heart accepted everything. Ridesh tells that he cant believe all are happy for Anubhav.

It’s rare to see people who is happy for other’s victory. Charu tells this is what he earned in his life. Then he and Sunanda gets into Ridesh car to go to award ceremony. Gungun complaints to Chavi about Anu and tells that she dont want him to see her here because it will do nothing but fuel his ego more. Chavi tells that she is misunderstands her brother he is good at heart. The host comes there and asks eveyone to sit on their place. He then tells that everyone knows why they are here but not everyone knows this prestigious award which they received through Anubhav they are getting this after 34 years. He then calls the guests.

Sunanda asks Charu whrn they will call their Anu to which Charu asks her to wait. The host then asks Anubhav to come to the stage. Eveyone stands and claps for him but Gungun sits in her seat. Chavi forces her to stand up. Anubhav gets happy seeing his family but when his eyes lands on Gungun he stares at her with no emotion. Gungun also looks at him.

Precap: Anubhav tells if it is not his family by his side then he wouldn’t be standing here right now and thanks his family for being there for him. Kulshreshth’s gets emotional. Anubhav sings a song. Gungun enjoys it. Anubhav gets confused seeing Gungun is the only person clapping hands. Gungun looks around and realises what she has done when she sees all eyes are on her.

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