Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey: Anubhav to get kidnapped by Ranvijay’s men?

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Star Plus daily soap Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey currently shows that Anubhav goes to seminar and Ranvijay learns through his men Gungun is staying with Anubhav only. He asks his men to kidnap Anubhav after the seminar. Golu and gang reaches Mumbai and they tries to convince Akriti to stay in another hotel but fails so they all goes to the hotel where Anubhav is staying and books the rooms there to stay.

In the previous episode we had seen that Anubhav and Gungun spend quality time together in Mumbai. Gungun received a call from Garima who asked her about her whereabouts which made Gungun confused. She followed Anubhav’s instruction to go out and talk to Garima. Akriti snatched Garima’s phone and enquired Gungun about her whereabouts also demanded her to show her friend when Gungun told her she was in her friends birthday party but Gungun refused to show her friends face and disconnected the call. Garima got a warning from Akriti. The next day family teased Golu’s decision to accompany Akriti and other’s to Mumbai. Golu and gang worried that Anubhav might be with Gungun. In Mumbai Gungun worried about the Kulshreshth’s when Anubhav informed her about the messages he received from Golu and refused to contact them back as he wanted to spend time with Gungun. Anubhav and Gungun made promises to each other to not to leave one another also give name to their relationship.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that during the cultural the announcer will ask Anubhav’s wife to come on stage. Both Gungun and Akriti will go to the stage. They both will get shocked seeing one another.

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