Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Weekly Update: Anubhav-Gungun spends quality time together.

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This week Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey episode starts with Gungun stops Ranvijay from applying vermilion on her forehead and tells that she is married to someone else which shocks everyone. Akriti questions Gungun about her husband also asks the doctor to check whether Gungun is mentally stable or not which lead Maya to argue with Akriti. Ranvijay says to everyone he is Gungun’s husband but Anubhav says he is not. Maya and Akriti asks Anubhav about Gungun’s husband name but Gungun intervenes and tells that neither she nor Anubhav will disclose her husband’s identity. Later in Kulshreshth’s house Akriti tells the family members she is facing a lot of humiliation because of Anubhav’s behavior which leads the family members to take Akriti’s side.

Anubhav accuses Akriti for making him a villain infront of his family. Charu warns Anubhav to not to meet Gungun again. Anubhav feels bad for Gungun. Gungun gets discharged from the hospital. She gets upset that Anubhav didn’t come to meet her. Ranvijay threatens Gungun and take her with him. Anubhav sees this and gets upset with Gungun for being close to Ranvijay. Garima takes care of Gungun. Maya tells Ranvijay how Gungun trusts people like Garima and not her mother. Ranvijay says even Gungun chooses Anubhav over him. He also says that Anubhav is the one who filled Gungun’s hairline with vermilion shocking Maya. Maya refuses to believe but gets shocked seeing the photos. Ranvijay provokes Maya against Anubhav. Maya decides to warn and threaten Anubhav with this proof. She also decides to give money to Ranvijay because after she goes to USA he is the one who will take care of Gungun and he also tells her his father blocked all his earnings.

Gungun tells Garima its Anubhav who is her husband and tells her what happened. She also promises not to go between Anubhav and Akriti. Garima pleads Gungun to move on but Gungun refuses so Garima promises to support her decision. Akriti learns Anubhav isn’t in the institute so she argues with him over the phone call. Charu asks Anubhav to come to the house immediately to which Anubhav obliges. Maya comes to the Kulshreshth’s house and warns them. Charu demands Anubhav to swear on him to not to meet Gungun hereafter. Anubhav swears on Charu which makes Maya and Akriti happy and the family members looks relieved except Golu and his gang who gets upset and sad. Both Gungun and Anubhav misses each other and cries. The next day Anubhav worries and calls Gungun when he receives a message from her. They both gets into an argument but clears the misunderstanding and apologises to one another for misunderstanding each others. Anubhav agrees to meet Gungun when the latter invites him to her house.

Ranvijay goes to Kulshreshth’s house and insults the Kulshreshth’s by calling them shameless after he sees Anubhav is heading towards Gungun’s house. Garima advices Anubhav to disclose the truth about his relationship with Gungun to everyone before it gets out of hand also asks him to take care of Gungun. Anubhav consoles a crying Gungun. They both gets romantic and consummate their marriage. Akriti and the family members refuses to believe Ranvijay’s words that Anubhav is in Gungun’s house. Ranvijay challenges them and takes Akriti and Charu Charu him to Gungun’s house to catch Anubhav. Garima sees Charu and Akriti is outside the house with Ranvijay so she alerts Anubhav and Gungun. She asks Anubhav to leave the house through back gate because Ranvijay is in front gate but Anubhav refuses saying he is not doing anything wrong also he thinks the time has arrived to disclose his relationship with Gungun to everyone which shocks Garima and Gungun.

Gungun decides to hide Anubhav in Ridesh’s room. Garima asks them not to come out until she asks them to. They both obliges. Akriti and Charu asks Garima to call Anubhav but the latter lies to them Anubhav is not there. Akriti advices Gungun to marry Ranvijay soon but Gungun asks her not to interfere in her personal life. Akriti finds Anubhav’s kerchief in Gungun’s room and tells her if she ever finds out Anubhav is betraying her then she will make sure to ruin his reputation and his career which shocks Gungun. Gungun asks Akriti to understand the true meaning of love. The Kulshreshth’s gets happy thinking Anubhav is not in Gungun’s house. Later Anubhav informs the family members about his seminar in Mumbai but refuses to take Akriti with him but promises to take her to honeymoon after he comes from Mumbai.

The next day Ranvijay informs Akriti that Garima and Gungun is taking a suitcase with them but they are saying they are going to temple which he dont believe. Garima advices Anubhav to reveal their relationship to everyone soon which will help both Gungun and Akriti’s to get their identity. Anubhav promises to do the same. Ranvijay informs Akriti about Gungun and Garima is carrying a luggage with them and telling him they are going to temple. Akriti scolds him and reminds him how his previous assumption was also wrong. Kulshreshth’s asks Akriti to not to trust Ranvijay’s words. Akriti asks Charu to let her go to Mumbai. Golu and gang opposes the idea but other family members tells Akriti to not to go alone also take their family members with her. Anubhav and Gungun reaches Mumbai where they get warm welcome by the staff’s. They both shares with each other about the dislike they had for one another.

Akriti goes to confront Garima about Gungun’s whereabouts. She also warns her about the consequences if she ever finds out anything that may ruin her life. She demands Garima to videocall Gungun. Garima tells that she will make a normal call not a video call. Akriti agrees. Anubhav and Gungun dances with each other romantically. Gungun receives a call from Garima and the latter questions her about her whereabouts. Gungun gets confused but Anubhav gets suspicious so he asks Gungun to talk to Garima by going to the other side. Gungun obliges. Akriti takes the mobile from Garima and asks Gungun about her whereabouts. Gungun lies to her that she is in her friends birthday party.

Akriti demands her to show her friend but Gungun refuses and cuts the call. Ranvijay tells his friends about hiring a man to spy on Gungun. Golu also tells his family members he is accompanying Akriti and other’s to Mumbai. Family members teases him also asks them to enjoy their stay in Mumbai. Anubhav gets worried seeing many messages from Golu but refused to call him to know what happened because he wanted to spend more time with Gungun. He also praises Gungun for worrying about his family members. They both makes promises to each other to not to leave one another.

In the next week viewers will get to see that Ranvijay will learn through his men that Gungun is alone in the room. Gungun will receive a call from the reception asking her to come and collect the parcel which is for Anubhav. Gungun will wonder whether to collect the parcel or not because Anubhav asked her to not to leave the hotel room until he ask her to.

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