Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey: Will Anubhav stop Gungun from going to U.S?

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Star Plus daily soap Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey currently shows that Anubhav leaves the house reminding Gungun about the promise he made to her. Later Akriti learn through Maya Anubhav is with Gungun so she confronts him which makes Charu and other family members to get upset with him. Gungun decides to go to U.S for Anubhav’s well being.

In the current track it shown that Maya questions Anubhav for visiting Gungun also accuses him for trying to take advantage of Gungun’s emotionally unstable state to take Ridesh’s wealth but Anubhav refuses and tells Gungun that he will fulfill the promise he made to her and leaves after Gungun asks him not to meet her ever. The Kulshreshth’s gets shocked about the decision to change Akriti to another department. Akriti wonders the reason behind dean’s decision. Anubhav comes home and lies to the family members that he is returning from the institute only. Maya calls Akriti to invite her for 13th day ritual of Ridesh. She also tells her about Anubhav’s visit to Gungun. Akriti confronts Anubhav and the Kulshreshth’s gets upset with him. Gungun refuses to sell the house saying its filled with Ridesh’s memory but she decides to leave the house for Anubhav’s well being. Akriti confront Anubhav about the vermilion stain on his shirt. The latter tells he doesn’t know also asks her to be stop being insecure because Gungun is going to U.S. The next day Maya questions Gungun the reason behind her decision to go to U.S. Gungun recalls Ranvijay’s threat and tells due to some personal reason.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Anubhav will meet Gungun on the road. He will ask her is she truly wish to go to U.S. Gungun will say yes she want to. She will ask Anubhav to stop Akriti from talking about her marriage. Anubhav will ask Gungun to tell this to Akriti on her own. Gungun will tell Anubhav that Akriti is his wife. Anubhav will say to Gungun it’s her who is his wife which will shock Gungun.

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