Kabir to catch Vihaan in Ishq Mein Marjawan?

High voltage drama ahead in Ishq Mein Marjawan.

In the show so far it is seen, Riddhima decides to arrange money soon. She looks for a way to fetch 50Lakhs to secure the deal with Vihaan.

Here, Ishani Ishani says she can’t bear this drama anymore. She takes out the poison. Angre thinks Ishani is going to consume poison and stops her. He asks her to think about the live breathing inside her. Ishani

Ishani gets angry on Angre and says she is not the one who suicide. She says she brought the bottle for Riddhima because she is going to give Vansh place to Kabir. Ahead, Kabir goes to Riddhima’s room with a bridal dress. He see poison bottle on the floor. He panics and tries to wake up Riddhima. Kabir says she can’t spoil his game. He finds suicide letter and gets scared. Kabir further finds Riddhima’s pulse is working. He gets confused. Riddhima wakes up and threatens Kabir that she can turn this drama in real and will die so that she can meet Vansh in the sky.

Kabir tries to scare Riddhima. Riddhima makes a clear deal with Kabir for marrying him. She asks Kabir to destroy all proves against Vansh if he wants to marry her. She asks Kabir to also clear the criminal record of Vansh from the police record. Kabir asks Riddhima what if he will not do it. Riddhima says than she will consume poison and will die. She says along with her, his dream of empowering Vansh’s business will die too. Riddhima gives 1 hr time to Kabir. Kabir stands confused.

Later, Kabir in front of Riddhima destroys all proves against Vansh. He says to Riddhima no use of her drama because Vansh is no more. Riddhima says Vansh will get peace in heaven seeing this. She further thinks for the upcoming game it was needed. Riddhima miss Vansh and gets teary.

Now in the upcoming episode, Kabir will think to look for the person who is helping Riddhima to fight back him. Do Kabir will reach Vihaan, well time will only tell. Keep watching the show mon-sat on Colors channel.

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