Kabir To surrender himself in front of army

Star Plus early evening show Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampann is a story about revenge of a girl named Jhanvi Mittal who is the elder daughter in law of Mittal house. Years ago when she was a kid her father was being wronged and falsely accused by her father in law and she is back to avenge all those haunting events. The show is one of the unique shows of Indian television currently so let’s check out what is going to happen in the storyline of the show in the upcoming episodes.

As we have seen in the last couple of episodes that Kavya finally came to know about the reality of her first husband Vyom Malhotra. She finally got to know that Vyom whom she knows and believes as one of the dedicated Indian army men basically was corrupted. He had connections with people of different terror groups and being an army he was actually cheating them internally.

In a verbal confrontation with one of those groups Vyom takes a bullet to save Kabir and Kabir decided not to tell this truth to anyone. But finally the truth is out of the carpet and now not only Kavya but Jhanvi too knows the entire truth. Well in tonight episode audience will see Kabir will decide to leave for Army office and Kavya will also join him. She argues with him that just for the sake of her and her son he did all this so she should explain that to army officers so that they don’t punish Kabir. On the other hand Shail will call Jhanvi to tell her some shocking events.

Well with all these happening all together in the show, we wonder what will be Jhanvi’s next stroke now?

How will Kavya save Kabir from this mess? To know all this answers don’t forget to tune in Star Plus at 7 pm.