Kahaan Hum Kahaan: Parvati’s husband turns savior of Sonakshi

Star Plus popular show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum finally witnessed the marriage of Rohit and Sonakshi and the story is slowly moving forward towards the main theme of this daily. Currently Sonakshi who is just in newly married girl wants to become a perfect daughter in law just like she enacts in her show Kahaani Parvati Ki. She also said to Rohit that she wants to keep the family members happy and this is how she always dream to have a married life.

Well, Rohit wants her to keep her work and commitments in the front foot while Sonakshi is struggling to find a balance between all this. In the recent episodes of the show, Sonakshi lands herself in trouble. She gives commitment to her producer that she will be at shoot for overnight.

On the other side, her mother in law Veena invited some family relatives to make them meet Sonakshi without informing her in prior. Sonakshi seeks the help of Rohit to have a word with his mother regarding this. Due to an emergency occurred at the last moment in his Hospital Rohit completely forgot to discuss this matter with his mom. Sonakshi is caught between all this mess when she gets to know that Rohit didn’t have a word regarding her absence for the dinner with his family.

In tonight’s episode, surprising everybody in the family Sonakshi will appear at time for dinner with the relatives. Later while talking to her mother in law Veena she will reveal that her co star Sumit pretends to be sick at the set of the shoot and creates a situation where they have to called off the shoot for the day due to the unavailability of Sumit. Hence she gets an opportunity to make it to dinner on time. Well seems like Sonakshi finally finds a friend in her co-actor Sumit in the show. Later on, Sonakshi will get into bickering with Rohit too for being rude to her in the morning. All in all fans are in for some really nice family moments in the show.

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