Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 10th July 2019 Written Update: Nishi files a complaint against Suman!


Today’s episode opens with Suman yelling at Sonakshi for returning amount to Sippy’s. The duo argues on it.

Rohit tells the shoot story to his grandmother. He tells serpent’s story and Vimmi interestingly hears it. Vimmi gives her brother marriage card to Rohit and asks him to give it to Parvati. Rohit looks at her and says he will give to her. Venna praises Sonakshi.

Nishi gets a call from Suman. Suman yells at Nishi for asking money back from Sonakshi. She speaks non-stop and threatens Nishi. Nishi gets angry on Suman for talking to her rudely.

Venna praises Rohit too for helping Sonakshi by giving her his jacket. She asks Rohit now he is not having any problem with the actress hopefully. Rohit says Sonakshi is not that bad. He goes.

Nishi decides to teach a lesson to Suman. Sona gets a call she says to Rohit that she has returned his jacket after cleaning it. Rohit says he hasn’t called for the jacket but wants to invite her for a wedding. Sona says its good he is getting married. Rohit tells her about Vimmi’s brother marriage. Sonakshi says she will surely attend the function. The duo talks to each other.

Suman talks with Pari and motivates her to perform well. Police knocks at her door and says he wants to search her house. They enter her house and starts searching. Police asks to arrest Suman. Sona asks who has filed a complaint. Police tells her Sippy’s have complaint for stealing the expensive watch. Sonakshi says she has already retuned the watch to Rohit.

Otherside, judge announces the final list of the selected contestant. Pooja and Pari both gets selected for the final round. Sonakshi tries to connect with Rohit. Rohit receives Sonakshi’s call. She yells at him and says why he made police complaint when she has returned the watch to him. Rohit says he don’t know anything about it. Sona asks him to come at the station and tell them the truth.

There, in a fit of rage, Pari throws alcohol on Pooja when Pooja tries to talk with her. The duo argues with each other later, Pari says she will beat her in the final round.

Rohit calls Venna and ask who filed the complaint against Sonakshi’s mother for his watch. Nishi says she has filed a complaint against them. Rohit asks Nishi to come with him to the police station to clarify the misunderstanding. Sonakshi tries to talk with inspector but he doesn’t pay any attention to her. Sona shouts at him. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Rohit comes to the police station with Nishi and take back the complaint. Rohit asks Nishi to apologize to Suman. Nishi says she will not and goes. Sonakshi asks Rohit to stay away from her from now and never show his face again. Rohit looks at Sonakshi.

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