Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 11th February 2020 Written Update: Rohit saves Sonakshi!

Today’s episode starts with Sonakshi hits a truck and faints. Mahesh runs. Truck driver says to his partner to let’s see whether the girl is saved or not. Driver’s partner recognize Sonakshi as Parvati and refuses to take her to the hospital and says to driver that he was drinking and driving and will be caught by the police if he will take her to the hospital.

There, Rohit hallucinates and sees Sonakshi. Rohit asks Sonakshi not to leave him. But Sonakshi says she has to go as their love is over. Rohit wakes up from the sleep and Nishi asks him to celebrate. Rohit says to Nishi that he send Sonakshi far so that she can live a peaceful life away from Sippy family. And now he will ruin himself so that Sonakshi can live happily. He says to Nishi that he will punish him every day in front of her. Nishi stands shocked.

Suman, Pari and Ajit worries for Sonakshi. Here, Mahesh informs Nishi that Sonakshi met with an accident badly and maybe she died. Nishi gets happy. Meanwhile, Suman enters the Sippy mansion and looks for Rohit. She slaps him and asks where Sonakshi is. Veena and Nishi insult Suman and Sonakshi and Rohit asks Suman to never enter his house ever again.

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Rohit looks for Sonakshi and man tells to him that Sonakshi met with an accident. Rohit cries and asks Sonakshi to open his eyes. He takes her to the hospital.

Rohit hides and sees Sonakshi at the hospital. Suman and Pari reaches the hospital. Doctor operates Sonakshi and Rohit worries for her. Episode ends

Precap: Sonakshi burns her photo with Rohit. There Rohit says he loves Sonakshi a lot and her palce none can take.