October 16, 2019
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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 11th July 2019 Written Update: Sonakshi breaks all the ties with Rohit

Todays’ episode opens with Inspector yelling at Sonakshi to behave herself. He asks his constable to take Suman to the interrogation room for the enquiry. Rohit comes at the meantime and gives the statement. He says the watch is with him he can check. Rohit asks Inspector to cancle the complaint as his aunt was not aware of that. Nishi too says she did not know that Rohit got his watch back form Sonakshi. Nishi takes back her complaint. Police frees Suman.

Media comes and asks question from Sonakshi. Sonakshi shouts at them and goes. Rohit call Soankshi. He asks Nishi to apologize to Suman. Nishi says she took the complaint back and now she is not going to apologize to Suman. Rohit says sorry on behalf of Nishi. Suman leaves the place in anger.

Sonakshi yells at Rohit. She accuses Rohit for all the mess. Rohit tries to clarify her misunderstanding but Sona didn’t listen to him. Sonakshi asks Rohit to never try to call or meet her again.

Naren talks on call with someone and asks did Suman Rastogi got released or not. Rohit and Nishi comes back home. Everyone asks Nishi why she has done this. Nish says because she wants to teach Suman a lesson for talking rudely with her. Naren says to Nishi she has done wrong and she should apologise to Suman. Nishi asks everyone to end the topic.

Dipa comes and asks Nishi why she has called her. Everyone looks at Nishi. Naren and everyone accuse Nishi for her deed. Nishi gets irked and asks everyone to stop lecturing her. Rohit asks Nishi to apologize to Suman to over the matter. Nish disagrees her. Rohit calls Vimmi and says she will not watch any TV in this house form now else he will pull off the connections. Venna asks him to cool down. Rohit leave the place.

Sona brings Suman back. Suman goes numb. Netra calls and ask Sona about her mother. Sonakshi says she is with her and she will reach the set after Pari will come back home. She asks Netra to talk to the publisher not to publish today’s news.

Suman recalls the incident and cries loudly. Sonaskhi and Pulkit take care of her. Suman says the incident made her recall her past life. She gets emotional. Pari comes. Suman says to Soankshi and Pulkit not to tell her whatever happened today at police station.

Pari tells she got selected for the final round. Suman congratulates her and asks home helper to bring sweets for all. Later, Pari tells Suman about Pooja Sippy. Suman gets shocked hearing her name. She calls her lawyer to file harassment case against Sippy’s; Sonakshi stops her from doing that.

Rohit sees his watch and calls Soankshi. Sonakshi cuts his call. Netra comes to meet Soankshi. The duo talks to each other. Sonakshi gets emotional telling Netra about the incident. Netra gets teary hearing her. Netra motivates Sona and ask her calm down.

Nurse comes with the appointments and Rohit gets confused with the patients out of stress. Rohit asks Nurse what she will don if someone puts her mother behind the bars. Rohit is taken aback when a nurse gives an odd response to his question and thinks of a way to apologize Sonakshi. (Episode Ends)

Precape: Rohit brings flowers and sorry note for Sonakshi. Suman asks Soankshi to never forgive Sippy’s. Rohit discusses with Netra to help him to fix the things with Sonakshi.

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