October 21, 2019
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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 12th July 2019 Written Update: Rohit takes Netra’s help!

Today’s episode opens with Sonakshi and Sumit giving their shot. After the shot Sona ask Sumit not to drink at least before giving the shot. Sumit says he pays for his drinks. He calls a spotboy and asks him to make one more for drink for him.

Sonakshi calls Pulkit and ask about Suman. Rohit comes with bouquet and sorry card. Sumit looks at them. Rohit apologizes to Sonakshi. Sona goes inside her vanity. Rohit gets a call from the hospital too. Netra comes and says the mess is huge and it can’t get over just with the flowers. Rohit asks her to suggest something to fix out the things. Netra asks him to come to meet her at night. Rohit gives bouquet to Netra and apologizes.

Sumit taunts Sonakshi. Sona yells at Sumit and goes away. Nishi talks with YK. YK says to Nishi if she would have said sorry to Suman than she must have felt better. He says along with her it will be good if she apologizes to his mom too. Nishi gets irked and says she is not going to say sorry to his mom because of her their relationship was about to over. The duo does an argument. Pooja hears their talk and gets emotional.

Venna asks Pooja about the fashion show. She goes away. Venna hears Yk and Nishi’s talk and tries to make them understand to sort out the problem asap because it is affecting Pooja’s career.

Sonakshi comes back home and goes to meet Suman. Suman asks her not to utter a word because she is not in a mood to talk with anyone. Sona ask her to have a dinner. Suman explains the reason why she is so aggressive and rude. She recalls her past and asks Sona she might be remembering when her father was trapped in a scam and how police use to harass them. Suman gets emotional recalling about the humiliation she has faced in the past. Sona, Pulkit and Pari hear her sad story. All gets teary hearing her. Suman hugs Pulkit and Pari and Sona looks at them.

Suman asks Sona never to forgive Sippy’s at any cost. Sonakshi agrees with her and says she will never forgive them. Pulkit makes her eat.

Rohit comes to meet Netra. She brings coffee for him. Rohit asks her to help him out to clear the misunderstanding. Sonakshi talks with the audiences and says she knows Rohit didn’t do anything intentionally but her mother is suffering because of his family and now she can never forgive Sippy’s. (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Netra asks Rohit to give his hospital for one day shooting. Sonakshi says she can’t step in the hospital at any cost. Pulkit says he got internship break and wants to join Dr. Rohit’s clinic. Sonakshi yells at Pulkit. Rohit ask Netra about Sonakshi. Netra says she is adamant sometimes. Rohit says she will come.

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