Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 12th March 2020 Written Update: Nishi exposes Sonakshi

Today’s episode starts with Pooja getting angry on Rohit. She yells and says Sonakshi is actress and can cheat anyone. Sonakshi and Rohit tries to convince Pooja that Nishi is dangerous for the family and Sonakshi is right. Vimmi brings Naren and he through his signals makes Pooja understand that Sonakshi is right.

Pooja then decides to hack Nishi’s mobile to delete the app which she has installed to threaten Naren and Rohit. She asks Sonakshi to engage Nishi for 20 Mins. Sonakshi somehow manages to engage Nishi. She later looks for her mobile. Sonakshi asks Pooja and Rohit to hurry. Pooja tells to Rohit that app is not there in Nishi’s mobile.

Nishi looks for her mobile and Pooja returns her mobile. Later, Nishi spots Sonakshi talking with Rohit and doubts her. She recalls Parvathy’s moment and doubts her. There, Rohit, Sonakshi and Pooja wonders and about the app.

Other side, Pari says to Tanya that Rohan has important meeting and she wants to select clothes for him. Tanya gets angry at Pari and tries to slap her. Rohan spots Tanya and gets angry at Tanya. Pari smirks.

Ahead, Nishi reaches Rastogi house and argues with Suman. She spots Sonakshi at her house and wonders. Sonakshi later reveals that she heard Nishi asking driver to take her to Rastogi house.

In the morning, Venna slaps Rohan after learning that Tanya left home. Meanwhile, Nishi spots Sonakshi entering the house as nurse and wonders she is 24*7 nurse than why she is coming from out. She further exposes Sonakshi in front of Sippy’s. Sippy’s stands shocked. Sonakshi than attempts to prove Nishi’s deed. She makes Sippy’s learn that Nishi didn’t gave antidote to Rohit and tries to kill him.

Precap: Nishi decides to kills Naren.