Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 12th September 2019 written update: Rohit saves Sonakshi from a life threatening situation

The episode begins with Rohit and Sonakshi are stuck in the cold storage van and Sonakshi faints due to excessive cold and Rohit is trying to wake her up. He lies her down on the floor and starts to rub her hands and legs but she is not responding. Rohit asks the driver to stop the truck but he is sleepy enough to pay heed to him. YK comes home and Suman asks him about Sonakshi and Rohit when he said Police informed that they both got in a truck as per the statement of an eye witness. Naren says there are thousands of truck in Mumbai how will we identify in which truck they got in?

Here the driver is driving the van carelessly when a car comes in front and he is unable to keep the balance and hits a tree. Rohit jumps out of the back and falls on-road and hurts his back and shoulder. He gets up and see Sonakshi is in truck unconscious and he rescued her. He tries to contact phone but it is not working anymore. He goes in the front section of the Van to get help from the helper and the driver but they are also injured enough to help him. comes back to Sonakshi and tries to wake her up by rubbing her hands and feet and hugging her tightly. None of these are actually helping him, he noticed that the helper is putting the driver in a car and going from there ask them to stop as she also needs help but they didn’t pay heed to him.

He starts to work carrying an unconscious Sonakshi in his arms. On the other hand, Rohan gets a call from the police station and he asked Pari to switch on the TV. They saw that the breaking news is showing Sonakshi is free from all the charges by the police and they also issued an official statement in which they mentioned that Sonakshi was being blackmailed by Mhatre to attend his event. All the people of the house get happy to get the news when Pulkit gets a call that the media has arrived below their house. Suman confronts the media people and says that finally, my daughter is free from all charges after all truth cannot be hidden for long.

The journalist asking embarrassing questions to her and she is not getting how to put up with them? YK steps forward and says that even after being modern and sophisticated we are are more into hiding the truth when it comes to our family. He tells them about the wardrobe malfunction that took place with Pooja one month ago in the fashion show and discloses the entire truth in front of the media. Puja also comes for what and gives her bite and says that Sonakshi is my hero instead of questioning her you people should applaud her because whatever she did is not something anyone can do. Veena asks Suman not to worry as Sonakshi will be fine, Rohit will not let anything bad happen to her.

Rohit on the other side is asking Sonakshi to wake up and not to give up so soon. He gets emotional seeing her in such a state and says that you can’t leave like this, you just can’t go leaving your Rohit alone, please open your eyes. He tries to arrange fire but failed and then he realized Sonakshi’s body is freezing and she needs heat to come back to the normal state. He takes off his Kurta and her scarf and tries to give her body heat.

In the morning, Sonakshi wakes up and shocked to see that Rohit is sleeping beside her. She looks here and there and started to see the state in which they are sleeping. She wakes up with a jerk and throws the kurta of Rohit on him and wonders how come she comes there?

Rohit says you don’t remember anything? Last night we both become one and Sonakshi got scared. He says I tried to stop you but you are clinging to me in such a way that you will never leave me.

Sonakshi says what rubbish are you talking? Rohit says not rubbish but it was magical and even though I am a man, how long will I stop myself? Sonakshi says she has seen the movie DDLJ so this prank will not work on her. Rohit says DDLJ what was that and she gets more scared. Rohit says you know right that I don’t watch Hindi movies and shows but only Hollywood. He says it’s ok I am a handsome guy and even you are a beautiful girl so it happens.

Sonakshi says what nonsense is this? Forget it means what? I can never cross my limit and it can’t happen and starts to cry when Rohit giggles. He says if something would have happened between us then your clothes will not be like this. Sonakshi runs after him for pulling such a prank on her. Rohit says I am joking and Sonakshi runs behind him and they both ends up near a falls where Rohit stops her and says your body was completely frozen. I have to give you body heat and it is a medical process so don’t get much happy. Sonakshi understands and says fine when Rohit says I got scared for you last night. Sonakshi asks him how much he got scared for her? Rohit intertwined his fingers with hers and both shared an eye lock.

Precap – Sonakshi invites Rohit for Ganapati Visarjan. Nishi says she has some ideas for dhol.