Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 15th January 2020 Written Update: Sonakshi confronts Ajit



Today’s episode starts with Sonakshi giving money to Yashwant. Yashwant signals and Ajit comes out from behind.

Few hours before;

Sonakshi stands shocked seeing the newspaper where Yaswant standing in the family picture. Rohit comes to Sonakshi and says he wants to sleep cuddling her, Sonakshi inquires about Yaswant but Rohit drags Sonakshi to the bed.

There, Suman calls Pari and asks her to report about Sippy mansion. Pari gets scared and asks Rohan what she will say to Suman now. Meanwhile, Rohan learns about the spy camera. He rushes to home. Sonakshi meets Rohan and he tells her that Yaswant is Ajit’s friend.

Sonakshi goes to confront Ajit. Ajit tells to Sonakshi that Yaswant marked his presence on hospital anniversary. Sonakshi asks Ajit if he has Yaswant’s number. Ajit says no. Ahead, Sona gets confused seeing press release on AJit’s table. There, Tanya behaves normally with Rohan. Rohan tells to Pari that he is sure Tanya hasn’t put the hidden camera.

Later, Suman inquires Venna about Sonakshi and asks her why they asked one crore rupees from her. Rohit and Venna gets shocked learning that Sonakshi has withdrawn huge amount of money.

Other side, Sonakshi gives money to Yaswant and asks him to never call her again. Yaswant signals AJit and Ajit asks Yashwant to take money and stop troubling him. Yashwant leaves and Sonakshi catches AJit red-handed. Sona slaps Ajit for blackmailing her.

Ajit than tells to Sonakshi that he got a habit of gambling and he lost money in that. He tells it was Yaswant’s club and he was blackmailing him. He adds over heard Rohit’s talk and learned about Naren Sippy extra-marital affair. Ajit cries and Sonakshi stands shocked. Ajit says Pooja is innocent and Naren cheated all. He hates him. There, Venna worries for Sonakshi. Rohit says he will talk with him.

Sonakshi gets angry on Ajit for telling truth to Yaswant. Ajit cries and pleads him not to tell his truth to Rohit. Later, Rohit confronts Sonakshi and asks her to tell him the truth about one crore rupees, as her mother thinks they are asking dowry from her. Sonakshi stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Akash tells to Sonakshi about Pari and Rohan’s affair. Tanya cries in her room seeing Rohan and Pari’s romance. Sonakshi stands shocked

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