Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 15th July 2019 Written Update: Sonakshi comes to shoot at Rohit’s hospital!

Today’s episode opens with Sonakshi crying looking her cards and childhood memories she shared with her father. Pulkit comes to her room and duo talks with each other. Sona misses her father and pours her heart out to her brother. Pulkit asks Sona to calm down and try to forget whatever happened. Ahead he says, he got internship break and wants to do practice with Dr. Rohit. Sonakshi yells at Pulkit and says he can’t work with Rohit.

Rohit discuses with Netra and asks her to suggest him the way to resolve the misunderstanding with Sonakshi. Netra gets a call and someone says to her that no hospital is available for doing the shooting. Netra gets tensed. Rohit ask to her if he can help her out. Netra says he can by giving her his hospital for doing shooting. She says she needs for only one night. Rohit allows her. Netra asks Rohit to meet her on the set.

Sonakshi says to Netra that she can’t shoot at Rohit’s hospital. Netra tries to convince Sona. Sonakshi says she can’t step in at Sippy hospital and leaves the place. Netra apologizes to Rohit and says their planned didn’t work. She gets tensed thinking now where she will shoot the sequence. Rohit says she will continue to shoot at his hospital only. Netra says you don’t know Sona she is adamant and will not come for the shoot. Rohit says Sonakshi will come for the shoot. He asks Netra to do the set up at his hospital.

Rohit calls someone but call couldn’t connect. Ajit enters his cabin and ask him to visit the old wing of the hospital. He says the shooting team has decorated it beautifully. Rohit asks to Ajit did Sonakshi came. Ajit says actors will come late.

Venna and Naren spend time with each other. Venna praises Naren for being a good husband.

Rohit ask to Netra about Sonakshi. Netra says she didn’t yet arrive. Rohit says she will come. Sonakshi comes and hospital staffs welcome her. Netra thanks to Sona for coming. Sona says she never compromises with her work. She goes to get ready.

Netra ask Rohit how he was so confident about Sonakshi. Rohit says he knows she is very serious about her work and nothing can come between her and her profession. Netra smiles.

Sonakshi talks with the audiences and says she is upset with Rohit not with her work. Shooting gets started. Rohit sees Sona’s acting from far. Director cuts the shot and says brilliant job. Rohit comes and says to the director that the shot is not perfect, as no doctor leaves the patient on the stretcher and goes. Sona hears to him. Rohit turns and sees Sonakshi standing. Rohit says to the director that he was only suggesting his to show some reality towards doctors. Netra says she got his point and she will ask the writer to add some good dialogues. Rohit comes to Sonakshi and says she does every scene with ease. He praises Sona. Sona looks at him and goes away.

Rohit gets a call from Venna and she asks about Sonakshi. Rohit tells her that he tries to talk with Sona but she is not responding. Venna asks him to try once again and motivates him.

Shooting starts again. Sonakshi gives her shot. Sumit forgets his dailougue everytime. He goes to Netra and says it’s getting difficult for him to learn the dialogues. Netra shouts on him for coming late on the set. The duo does an argument. Sumit asks to give him break and goes away.

Rohit asks to Netra that why she tolerates Sumit’s tantrums. Netra explains him the reason. She also tells Rohit the truth. She tells him, how Sumit found his watch and gave it to Sonakshi. Rohit recalls the whole watch incident and says to Netra that he will teach Sumit a good lesson. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Netra asks Rohit what he is up to. Rohit tells her to wait and watch. Later, Sonakshi yells at Rohit and says whatever happened with her mother after that nothing can be resolved between them.