Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 15th October 2019 written update: Wedding bells are on for Rohit and Sonakshi

Episode begins with Rohit if in his room and shouting about who leaked this news to the press and media. Ajit gets very excited and says wow we are on the news, suddenly I am feeling like a celebrity. Rohit says I am getting calls from numerous numbers from the morning and now I am not able to figure out which one is the emergency purpose and which one is from the press and media. Rohit gets a call from YK and he asks Rohit not to step out of the house alone. He says so many media people have gathered in front of the house and they wanted to meet the would be husband of Parvati.

Rohit asks YK to instruct the security people to take away press from there as he has to leave for the hospital. Yk somehow manages the press and leaves from the house. Rohit and Ajit are having their banter as always. Ajit says this news is good for you because you will get free publicity and moreover you can’t say no to the wedding because if any how the alliance didn’t happened on allotted time then you have to answer the entire nation for it.

Naren comes there to have a word with Rohit, Rohit tries to avoid him by saying that he has urgency in his hospital and he needs to leave right now. Naren says I want to talk to you right now that means now only. Ajit leaves from there and Naren comes to Rohit and says that TV actress will not become the daughter-in-law of the house. Rohit listens to it and behaves as if he is not even bothered. Naren says is did you hear what I said? Rohit says yes I do, then he says but I will get married to Sonakshi only. Naren says some really bad thing about Sonakshi and calls are uneducated and downmarket in comparison to them and their family status.

Rohit didn’t shout but he says subtly secondary and educated and not our class but she knows how to to keep the flow of a relationship smooth. She knows how to be honest and loyal in relationships. Something which the world renowned gynecologist and high class Naren Sippy doesn’t know. He says the relationship of a father and son was ended years ago and whatever your image is in the house of a good husband is because of my silence. The day I will open my mouth everything will change.

In another side, a mysterious man enter his house and his son is asking for milk. He is silent when his wife says that he does nothing in the house and all the time he keeps on chanting about Parvati and she doesn’t understand what is so special about her? She says she doesn’t even know about the existence of people like you. After a while that person cuts the picture of Sonakshi from the paper and paste it in a copy and caresses it. He says Parvati is only mine and no one else.

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Rohit comes to Sonakshi set and had a talk with Netra mam and says whatever will be the final dates of the marriage, the ultimate approval will come from her only as what is really important for Sonakshi and I admire that. Sonakshi shares she is really lucky to have it in his life as he respects her profession so much. Rohit and Sonakshi says everything is happening in a hurry and it shouldn’t be rushed. Suman comes to Sippy mansion to finalize the dates of marriage. The depths are coming out of next week as the next timeline of marriage falls in December. Both the family’s agreed to the dates where is inside everyone congratulated Rohit and Sonakshi officially for their marriage.

Raima also comes at the set to meet Sumit and Rohti and Sonakshi are watching them and smiling. The photographer said a photoshoot should be done of Rohit and Sonakshi. That mysterious man is sitting in upstairs as a light man and he gets angry to see Sonakshi and Rohit close. They are clicking pictures together when he just dropped the light an inch front of Sonakshi. Rohit saves Sonakshi at the meantime but they both are taken aback by the sudden happening.

Precap – Sippy family welcomes Rastogi people. Sonakshi is asking to take her measure to the tailor who is the lightman in real in disguise.