Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 16th July 2019 Written Update: Rohit wants to do friendship with Sonakshi!


Todays’ episode opens with Rohit peeping inside Sumit’s room and thinks of a plan. Netra asks Rohit what’s he is planning to do. Rohit says it will be tit-for-tat.

Venna discusses her worry with her mother-in law. The duo talks with each other. Her mother-in law tells about her past life and gets upset thinking Mr. Sippy left her alone. Venna consoles her and asks her to be happy.

Sonakshi talks with the audiences and tells Sumit disturbs everyone’s peace a lot. She further says but its’ good for her, as after his drama she gets a time to complete her study. Sona gets happy thinking that after full one and a half month she is getting one day leave from work. She tells her plans.

Rohan says to someone on calls that he can’t join them, as he is going for a dinner date with Tanya. Tanya comes and asks Rohan why he is cancelling his plan for her sake. Rohan says he wants to spend time with her only. The duo talks with each other. Further, Tanya asks Rohan to do and chill with his friends and she will spend time at home with Deepa. Rohit goes away.

Sumit discusses the scene with the director. Rohit and Netra see him from far. Scene starts and Sumit gets ready for his shot. Director cuts the scene and praises Sumit. Crew member comes to Sonakshi and tell her that Netra is calling.

Sumit comes to the girl who in the scene was playing the character of Nurse and praises her. He offered her to come to his room as he has some contacts and she can make her career in acting. Sumit takes her to his room. Sumit tries to get close to the actress. He goes to kiss her but the hairpiece from the nurse head comes out. Sumit gets shocked, as the nurse dress was opted by a boy. Everyone laughs at Sumit. Rohit looks at Sonakshi while she was laughing. Sumit asks to Sonakshi is she has done this. Rohit interrupts and says he has done. Sumit looks at him. Netra asks everyone to resume the shoot.

Rohit gives Vimmi’s card to Sonakshi. He forwards friendship hand towards Sonkashi. But Sona says what all happened with her mother after that she can’t forgive him and his family. The duo does an argument. Rohit leaves the place in anger.

Sonakshi gets happy thinking about her day leave. Sona sees Pulkit sleeping she takes care of her. She takes a newspaper from him and shouts in excitement. She shows Pari’s photo to everyone and hugs Pari. Suman indirectly taunt Sona and goes.

Sumit recalls about the incident that took place at Rohit’s hospital. He gets a call from the fashion show organizer for judging the show. Sumit asks about Pari and he thinks for a plan. He decides to judge the contest.

Sonakshi ties a black thread on Pari’s feet and says it will protect her from bad omen. Sona goes to sleep.

At Sippy’s mansion Nishi instructs to make Pooja look best for the contest. Naren asks what is going on. His mother informs about Pooja’s fashion show. Naren wishes Pooja. Pooja asks Rohit to come along with her for the function.

Amrita comes and talks with the contestant. Pooja and Pari do argument, Amrita asks the duo to concentrate on their performances.

Sumit recalls whatever Sonakshi did with him. He plans to avenge on Pari for Sona’s deeds. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Suman ask Sonakshi to get ready, as she has to perform on fashion show. Some girl answers Rohit’s call and he gets shocked. Otherside, Pari informs Sonakshi about Sumit judging the show. Sonakshi gets shocked.

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