Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Written Update 16th October 2019 :- Wedding preparations of Sonakshi and Rohit are in full swings

Episode begins with Rohit and Sonakshi are in the set of Kahani Parvati ki and suddenly the light falls almost on Sonakshi when Rohit saves her at the peak of time.

Everyone in the state is taken aback with the incident, Rohit asks Sonakshi if she is fine? The helper of Mahesh on the upside area says what are you doing man like this? Mahesh is trying to see if they are fine or injured. He gets angry to see Sonakshi and Rohit are sitting together and smiling. Sumit, Netra mam and everyone freaks out at crew members and says if such irresponsibility prevails then someone will die someday for sure. Sonakshi says to Netra mam that she is fine and they can shoot or else she will ask to change the wedding dates.

Suman is preparing for the wedding and she asks Pari to co-operate with them meanwhile because Sonakshi is going to get married soon and these days belongs to her. Hence better not hurt Sonakshi or show attitude these days then she will show her how mean she can get? Sonakshi comes home with Rohit after her day at shoot. Suman gets scolded for them because she is already aware of the incident that took place in the shooting spot. She gives a black thread to Rohit as well and says to tie it in his right ankle tomorrow morning and it will save him from evil eyes.

Rohit looks at Sonakshi who signs him to accept it. Later on, Rohit asks Suman if she has done all the necessary talking with his family because they belong from a Sindhi family and they have so many rituals. Suman says all the necessary talkings are done with your family. Rohit says didn’t they talk about the give and take thing? Sonakshi asks did you indirectly talking about dowry? Rohit says I am directly talking about dowry Sonakshi.

Sonakshi says but this is illegal, Rohit says fine then you can drag me to the court or logic complaint at the police station but I have a list for dowry. He hands over the list to Suman and you made a very terrified face looking at the list. Sonakshi gets tensed and she asks why are you behaving like this and she sees the list when Suman and Rohit starts to laugh together. It is written Madhuri dixit in the list.

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कहां हम कहां तुम रिटेन अपडेट 16 अक्टूबर 2019 :- सोनाक्षी और रोहित की शादी की तैयारियां जोरों पर हैं!

Grandmother of Rohit had a word with his father Naren. He says I also care for my son feelings and desires but Sonakshi is just not fit the bill. I am telling you all we are calling in a disaster. He says if you all are already made up your mind then what can I say and left. Veena announces in the family to celebrate it like a wedding house as the dates are approaching.

Sonakshi says to Rohit you want Madhuri Dixit to appear at your wedding? Rohit says yes you have to do it and if you can’t then there is a penalty clause as well. Sonakshi asks penalty? what is that? Rohit says if you are not able to fulfill my wish then as a penalty you have to kiss me. Sonakshi says kiss? yeah right dream on! Rohit says I was a fan of Madhuri Dixit since my childhood days and you both are from the same industry so you should be able to call her right? Sonakshi says both of our industries are different.

Rohit says ok fine then get ready to fulfill the penalty and Sonakshi says I got a decent doctor surgeon I don’t know what happened to him all of a sudden? She asks him to leave for home and goes upstairs while the guard sitting below her building was Mahesh the same lightman who got her earring from the corridor and keeps it to him. Both the Sippy and Rastogi family celebrates the happiness and dances on Galla Gudiyaan together. Later on, he goes in a room in his locality and talks to the mannequin of Sonakshi and says you are mine and I won’t let you get married to anybody else.

Precap – Mahesh is in Sippy Mansion, Rohit is tending to him while he is thinking to injure him.