Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 16th September 2019 written update: Reality hits Rohit when he finds out the shocking truth

The episode begins with Veena is telling Naren that Nishi has given a very effective idea for the immersion of Ganpati. This will surely make Sonakshi very happy. Naren says why don’t you ladies keep it simple in life? Nishi can’t stand Sonakshi till yesterday and today she is taking so much efforts to impress her. Veena says that is because we are blessed with emotions and heart and you being a doctor doesn’t have all this. Naren says they are actually e making so much hurry to finalize the relation of Rohit and Sonakshi. He says Rohit just proposed to her last week and finalizing the alliance this soon will not be okay. She says she is happy with his son’s choice and wants the alliance to happen as Rohit is finally out of Raima. She asks Naren if he is going with her to Sonakshi’s house and said that he has no other option.

Sonakshi is performing the aarti at her house before the immersion of Ganapati. Netra JI announces in front of everybody that Sonakshi is getting back to shooting for Kahani Parvati ki and the channel will issue an apology letter officially tomorrow stating that the exit of Sonakshi from the role of Parvati is nothing but a rumour. All gets happy and cheer for her when Netra ji asked Sonakshi where Dr.Rohit? She says she has no idea as she doesn’t even have any single chat with him in the morning. She says he told that he will come with his entire family but didn’t show up yet. Pari gets a call from Rohan who asks her to tie the pug around his head as he is unable to do so. Sonakshi comes down with the idol of Ganapati when she gets to hear the sound of drums and looks up and sees many people are entering with drums. She wonders how come these people appear here when Rohit entered in bike with Pooja in back and Pooja shows Sonakshi a video message from Nishi. She gets happy and thanked her for taking so much effort.

All get busy in celebration and drums when the grandmother of Rohit asks Sonakshi to accompany Rohit in playing drums. They both played drums together and danced. Suman also gets happy and gelled up with Sippy family members. They both do the aarti of Ganapati and whisper in ears their wishes. Rohit says he has nothing to ask as he has everything and asks Sonakshi to pray. Sonakshi does it and both of them together drowned Bappa in a tank of water to keep it eco friendly.

Later Rohit comes back home and shared with Ajit that it was an adventurous and exciting day for him. He says that the past 48 hours who was the most exciting time that he has spent, like starting from following marks trade in getting kidnapped, then escaping, shootout, and trapped in an ice track then taking shelter in a weird place and then today playing drums. He shares with Ajit that he enjoyed the time a lot and wants to mark the date. He went to mark it on the calendar and realized that today was Raima’s birthday. He gets shocked to realize that totally forgot about her birthday and didn’t even realise it. Ajit says then what is there to feel guilty about? Moving on from your past and proceed towards the future is life. Just look at yourself from past one week how much change you are and whatever you are doing with Sonakshi it is not fake anymore and getting real. He says you have to admit that you do love Sonakshi and even she loves you. Falling in love with some other person in life is not a crime. Rohit is reluctant to accept the reality and blames Sonakshi for all the chaos. Sonakshi calls him to say thank you but he refused to take her call but Ajit asked to pick it up. Sonakshi, on the other hand, feels he must be exhausted and slept until now.

Precap – Rohit lashed out at Sonakshi for forgetting Raima’s birthday. He went to church and sees Sonakshi while praying.