Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 17th January 2020 Written Update: Suman reveals Naren’s affair truth to Sippy’s

Today’s episode opens with Suman disclosing Naren’s affair truth in front of all. She tells to Sippys that Pooja is no one other than Naren Sippy’s daughter from his lover. Everyone stands shocked.

Few moments before; Sonakshi asks Rohit to see. Rohit asks Sonakshi what problem she and her family has with Sippy’s. Rohit consoles Sona. Sonakshi apologize to Rohit. Rohit accuses Sonakshi and says all warned her not to fix alliance with her but he was blindly in love with her and married her. And because of him his whole family is suffering. Rohit leaves to meet Pari. Sonakshi accompanies him too.

There, Veena reaches Pari and gives her two tight slaps. She says to Pari that she is shameless thus having affair with a married man Rohan. Pari stands shocked. Pari misbehaves with Venna and asks her to question Rohan not to her. Sona slaps Pari for misbehaving with Venna. Pari calls Rohan and asks him to meet him.

Venna announces that Suman and Pari shouldn’t enter to Sippy mansion at any cost. She says sorry to Sonakshi but Sonakshi asks her not to be. Other side, Suman sees Pari and Rohan hugging each other and stands shocked.

Later, Suman gate crashes at Sippy Mansion and accuses Venna for not questioning Rohan and blaming Pari only. Veena and Suman does the verbal argument. Ahead, Suman reveals to Sippy’s that Naren was having affair to someone and Pooja is his daughter. Sippy’s stands shocked hearing the truth. Venna disbelieves Suman. Suman says she has a prove. She keeps Rohit’s hand on Sonakshi’s head and asks him to promise on Sona and tell to everyone if Pooja is not Naren’s daughter. Rohit and Sonakshi stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Sonakshi asks Suman to tell from where she learned Naren’s truth as Rohit is accusing him. Suman says to Sona she can’t tell her and asks her to leave the house.